Do You Know the Secret Behind Great Success?

Attract Real Success; Follow up well with people!

Attract Real Success; Follow up well with people!

Some years ago, I had business cards from nine people after first meeting them at a Chamber of Commerce event.

I knew I should follow up with them. But then I hesitated. I had some dis-empowering feelings like: “Oh, they’ll think I’m bothering them” and “They’ll think I’m trying to sell them something.”

Did I follow up? No. In fact, their business cards got lost in a file somewhere.

Can you relate to that experience?

Years later, I’ve learned how to be more skillful about new contacts and follow-up. As an Executive Coach, I’m often asked by my clients to train them in powerful networking methods. This led to my including my methods in my book Now You See Me – Make a Great First Impression – Use Secrets of Power Networking: for More Clients, More Referrals and More Friends (see a Free Chapter when you CLICK HERE.)

Want to truly expand your success? Learn to transform how you follow up with people. Many people simply fail to follow up because of two incomplete perceptions that follow up is “drudgery” and “bothering someone again.” Stop! You can make follow up into something that the other person welcomes!—and that you’re comfortable doing. You’ll actually feel good as you do the follow up activities.

First you need to transform “follow up” into what I call “Follow-Good.” The other person feels good while you contact them, and you feel good about the process. You stop dreading your follow-up actions. We’ll use the G.O.O.D. process:

G – get ready ahead of time
O – organize a system
O – open dialogue
D – do follow up in 2 minute segments

1. Get ready ahead of time

The essence of “Follow-Good” is to transform yourself from an intruder into a “host” and an “invited guest.”

To do this, you need to get ready ahead of time.

For example, when I attend an in-person networking event, I bring 3×5 cards. Why? So I can take notes at an appropriate time. For example, if you’re talking with someone from an Asian culture do NOT write on their business card. I hold my 3×5 card next to their card and I write notes on the 3×5 card and then place the person’s card into my folded 3×5 card. Then the cards together go into my pre-selected pocket.

The above process is to for you to identify what the person is interested in. This will give you clues as what you can give to the person that will brighten his or her life. Let’s say that Sarah’s daughter is taking karate classes, you can send a copy of an article that shows how girls can excel in martial art classes.

Bob Burg, author of Endless Referrals emphasizes the value of sending people a hand-written follow-up card. Here’s how you can get ready ahead of time.

In advance, set up your thank you cards. Have them ready to go in a #10 envelope that has your handwritten return address, and hand-applied postage stamp.

Then, the same night of a networking event, fill out the card (which has your photo and contact information) and place the completed cards in a mailbox. [Sure, you could send an email message, but everybody does that. And no one stands out.]

2. Organize a system

To do follow up effectively and with little pain, it’s good to use a system. As you develop this system, think of ways for you to streamline the system into easy steps. You need to feel good as YOU do the follow-up work. Hence my phrase: “Follow-Good.” You’re actually doing a good work. You’re providing a benefit for the other person.

Here’s an example of a system:

1) Meet the person at a networking event.
2) Send an email the same night of the first encounter OR
send a follow-up, handwritten card (in a #10 envelope).
3) Place in your calendar system a prompt to remind you to find a suitable article that might be useful to the person.
4) Print out that article and send it.

Each person will find how to customize his or her own system. Bob Burg suggests that one send a notepad with one’s photo and contact information on each page. Bob feels that such a notepad keeps you in front of the prospective client’s eyes.

3. Open dialogue

Consider your follow up activities as continuing a positive dialogue with the new person. And certainly, connect with the person simply to say, “How are things going?” This works well in social media. Often, I’ll see that someone is online and available for a chat at Facebook. So I simply type, “Andrea, how are things going?” And then I “listen” as they often vent about something. With me, they have an empathetic ear. The person sees that I’m demonstrating care and concern.

4. Do follow up in 2 minute segments

What gets done? Something that is easy and fast to do. You can follow up with a person in a short amount of time. For example, in 1988 a New York Times article revealed how movie executive Jeffrey Katzenberg made up to 600 phone calls a week. He was called “the master of the 2 minute phone call.” Katzenberg had two secretaries who split the Katzenberg day between them. They placed the calls and had people hold  on so that Katzenberg could go from one conversation to the next.

Katzenberg’s example is extreme. But we can take some inspiration that it’s valuable to stay in contact with people. As an Executive Coach, I’m often encouraging my client to use a better system to stay in contact with vital people for the client’s business success.

Here’s another example. Consider having an open file carton next to your desk. When you think of a follow-up idea, jot it down and toss it into the open file for a particular person. Or jot the idea down in a reminder that you place into the online calendar system.

The really powerful Follow-Good practice is to jot a handwritten note down in 2 minutes. Later, in the day, take two minutes and get that note into the mail.

Praise people. Celebrate their special day. For example, a while ago, I called a friend and said, “Happy today. We can celebrate that one year ago today, you finished writing your first book!”

People appreciate that you notice their special days.

Learn to Follow-up well and network your way to real success; Book: "Now You See Me" available at

Learn to Follow-up well and network your way to real success; Book: “Now You See Me” available at

Use these “Follow-Good” methods:

G – get ready ahead of time
O – organize a system
O – open dialogue
D – do follow up in 2 minute segments

Consider asking people in your networking circle these important questions:

  • How can I recognize a good client for you?
  • How can I be supportive of what you’re doing?

When they tell you, you can get some time to consider how you might help. (I call such time “thinkspace.”) Reply with something like: “I hear you. It would be great for me to promote your book from my Facebook wall. I need to double-check a couple of things. How about I get back to you on Thursday afternoon?”

One of my clients faced such a situation. When she got back to the person, she said, “I’ve found a way to be helpful. I can send out a tweet about your new book. I’m comfortable with that.”

Remember, we can develop a Circle of Success.

We can actually feel good about how we help other people. We become the “host” of good things that we do—including connecting people in our network.

When you call, you’ll be treated like an invited guest.

This is all based on what I call “The 3 Magic Words of Networking: ‘Help Them First.’”

Good journey.



Tom Marcoux,
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