Ready to open the door and step into your next moment expressing Your Voice?

Do you speak up for yourself enough? And do you feel proud of yourself for that?

If not, this is understandable.

Worldwide certain cultures fail to honor feminine wisdom.

Years ago, I coached a friend who was trying to help her parents gain the funds to replace their smashed car. The insurance company would not pay out the needed, appropriate funds. 

I said to my friend, “You can say, ‘That’s not acceptable. Can you do better than that?”

She said, by reflex, “Oh, no. I can’t say that. That would make me a b____.”

This really bothered me. I was coaching her to be assertive not aggressive.

Many of my clients are women who seek to own their voice. I have even developed an online course The Introvert’s Formula to Get Clients.

I’m dedicated to help women to express their voice, so they can make the positive impact that this world needs.

Tom Marcoux
Spoken Word Strategist – Executive Coach




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