Discover How to Awaken Your Power – The “Tantra for the West” Approach

Marc Allen and Tom Marcoux - Tom holds Marc's book "Tantra for the West"

Marc Allen and Tom Marcoux – Tom holds Marc’s book “Tantra for the West”

Recently, I learned from author Marc Allen as he gave a speech on his book Tantra for the West: A Direct Path to Living the Life of Your Dreams.

Marc emphasized that “although tantra is usually thought of as sex with some kind of mysticism thrown in, the original meaning of tantra comes from the ancient Sanskrit root word meaning ‘to weave.’ Tantra applies to every moment of your life, excluding nothing. Within your way of life, within your everyday thoughts and feelings, are the keys to love, freedom, and fulfillment.”

Marc devoted  a number of years to living and studying at a center of tantric Buddhism run by a respected Tibetan lama. Over the subsequent years, Marc found a way to express the profound ideas and practices to Westerners.

During his speech, Marc told a powerful story of how he turned around his life and finances by creating a powerful affirmation. When he was struggling and in serious debt, he berated himself. Then, as a whole new direction, he focused on what he truly wanted and used this affirmation:

I am sensible and in control of my finances.
I am creating total financial success,
in an easy and relaxed manner,
a healthy and positive way,
in its own perfect time,
for the highest good of all.

(from page 122 of his book. Look inside Marc’s book when you CLICK HERE)

Marc went from being a struggling publisher to the publisher of The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle (estimated 3 million copies sold in North America).

In his book, Marc reveals: “The path of tantra is the path of leaping into the fire of our feelings. It is path of tremendous power and true freedom. It means acknowledging our feelings at every moment.”

I’m so glad that I have a copy of Marc’s book. I love learning from a great teacher.

*  *  *

I truly agree with Marc’s approach. In his book he emphasizes that when we work with our feelings in the moment and in healthy ways we free ourselves from anger and the health consequences of retained anger.

I also appreciate Marc’s affirmation: “I am sensible and in control of my finances…”

Marc’s affirmation is more than an expression of wishful thinking; it is a road map.

In reflecting on Marc’s affirmation, I came up with a quick overview of how each part of the affirmation can be used as a guide:

  • I am sensible and in control of my finances. [I set up a household budget and budget for each project.]
  • I am creating total financial success [I identify how I can build a business that reaches and serves more and more people.]
  • in an easy and relaxed manner, [I make sure to take breaks so I am refreshed and pleasant to the people I talk with.]
  • a healthy and positive way, [I exercise daily. I make sure to see something funny on video so I enjoy laughter daily.]
  • in its own perfect time, [I acknowledge that my ego may want it to happen immediately, but my soul can acknowledge that things are happening with great timing.]
  • for the highest good of all. [I conduct my business as a service for all of us to benefit.]

 May you explore ways to be kind to yourself and open yourself to express your creativity.



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