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Tom Marcoux - Executive Coach - Spoken Word Strategist

Tom Marcoux – Executive Coach – Spoken Word Strategist

Tom Marcoux helps you accomplish big dreams.

Spoken Word Strategist Tom Marcoux is an Executive Coach and Guest lecturer (STANFORD UNIVERSITY), winner (special award at EMMYS). Tom directed a feature film that went to CANNES FILM MARKET. Author of 45 books, CEO Tom leads teams (U.K., India, USA). (Member, National Speakers Association, 18 years) Tom guides clients and audiences (Linkedin, Sun Microsystems, IBM and more). The San Francisco Examiner says that Tom is “The Personal Branding Instructor.” Tom’s well-received online course is “Get the Big YES: Use Extreme Confidence to Get Clients and Get It Done!” View Tom’s blogs at TheRoiLeader.comn

Let’s Look Closer:

You want more and better, right? Imagine fulfilling your Big Dream.

Tom Marcoux can help you—in that he’s coached thousands of people: CEOs, small business leaders, graduate students (at Stanford University) speakers, and authors.

Tom is known as an effective Executive Coach and Spoken Word Strategist.

(and Thought Leader—okay, writing 45 books helped with that!)

 ** CEOs, Vice-Presidents, Other Executives, Small Business Leaders:

You know that leading people and speaking at your best can be tough.

Tom solves problems while helping you amplify your own Charisma, Confidence, and Control of Time.

“Tom Marcoux coached me to get more done in 10 days than other coaches in 2 years.”

– Brad Carlson, CEO of MindStrong LLC

Interested? Email Tom at tomsupercoach [at] Ask for a Special Report: “9 Deadly Mistakes to Avoid for Your Next Speech.”

You’ve heard that you need to tell YOUR STORY well, right? (We’re talking about brand, product, or profile for a job.)

The San Francisco Examiner designated Tom Marcoux as “The Personal Branding Instructor.” Why? Tom has helped thousands of clients, audiences, MBA students express their own powerful Personal Brand. Tom helps you communicate powerfully so people trust you and gain what you’re offering (product, service, an idea!).

As a Pitch Coach, Marcoux is an expert on STORY. He won a Special Award at the EMMY AWARDS, and he directed a feature film that went to the CANNES FILM MARKET and earned international distribution. Tom founded  (Also see


You need to give a great Speech. How about a TED Talk?

“Tom Marcoux has coached me to make my speeches compelling and powerful. He’s helping me prepare my TED Talk. Do your career a big favor and engage Tom Marcoux, the Spoken Word Strategist.” – Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter, author ofYour Performing Edge and Coach to CEOs and Olympic Gold Medalists

 This is YOUR OPPORTUNITY. Apply for a

FREE Breakthrough Strategy Session with Tom

Marcoux at See the VIDEO.

Tom Marcoux says, “Because of my unique coaching methods, I emphasize with my clients: You will achieve more than you believe.” 

“Tom helped me unearth deeply emotional and humorous moments in my speech to move the hearts of the audience. He was there for me unconditionally. He went above and beyond anything that I expected. During every interaction that I had with Tom, I felt that I learnt something profound.

I highly recommend for anyone who wants to give a great speech that you work with Tom Marcoux as your Speech Coach and Spoken Word Strategist.” – Krishna Noru

As a CEO, Tom leads teams in the United Kingdom, India and the USA. Tom guides clients and audiences (LinkedIn, IBM, Sun Microsystems, etc.) in Extreme Confidence, leadership, team-building, power time management and branding.

“Tom Marcoux has been an NAB Conference favorite [speaker] for six years. And he is very energetic.” – John Marino, Vice President, National Association of Broadcasters, Washington, D.C.

 One of Tom’s Darkest Secrets books rose to #1 on Hot New Releases in Business Life (and in Business Communication). A member of the National Speakers Association for over 17 years, Tom is a professional coach and guest expert on TV, radio, and print.

Tom addressed National Association of Broadcasters’ Conference six years in a row. With a degree in psychology, he has presented as a guest lecturer at Stanford University, DeAnza College, and California State University. Tom teaches Authentic Leadership Communication & Authentic Marketing at Sofia University, Palo Alto, California. Over the years, Tom has taught business communication, designing careers, public speaking, science fiction/fantasy cinema & literature and comparative religion at Academy of Art University. He is engaged in book/film projects Crystal Pegasus (children’s graphic novel) & Jack AngelSword/Jenalee Storm (urban fantasy).

 Tom provides T.O.P.-A.C.T. Coaching (Transform, Optimize, Power-communicate, Assess, Create, Trim).

With his unique background as a trained feature film director, actor and screenwriter, Tom will role-play with you so you’re ready for the tough meeting and even tougher speech or sales presentation. 

“Using just one of Tom Marcoux’s methods, I got more done in 2 weeks than in 6 months.” – Jaclyn Freitas, M.A.

“Tom has provided me with great help to clarify my outcome for my personal development workshop.” – Ruby He, Founder, Be Fabulous Be You

“Tom, Thanks for your coaching and work with me on revising my speech at a major university. Working with you has been so enlightening for me. Through your gentle prodding and guidance I was able to write a speech that connects with the audience. I wish everyone could experience the transformation I have undergone. You have helped me discover the warm and compelling stories that now make my speech reach hearts and uplift minds. This was truly an empowering experience. I cannot thank you enough for your great assistance.” — J.S.

Contact Tom Marcoux now:


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