Unlock the Secrets to Wealth through “The Millionaire Mentor” Approach

Tom Marcoux holds the book "The Millionaire Mentor" co-authored by Greg S. Reid and Jason Stone

Tom Marcoux holds the book “The Millionaire Mentor” co-authored by Greg S. Reid and Jason Stone

Recently, I learned from studying the book The Millionaire Mentor: Unlocking the Secrets of Wealth by Greg S. Reid and Jason Stone.

This book is valuable! You’ll learn the truth in simple, memorable details. The book is an easy-to-read parable with a mentor guiding a young boy through adulthood.

As a screenwriter and fiction author, I saw how the authors immediately get us to care about the young boy, Oscar. He demonstrates a strong sense of fair play when he offers his prized baseball-hero card in return for the card of wisdom that his new mentor, Roy, gave him. On page 16, Oscar says, “You’ve given me TWO cards already, so I still owe you one.”

“Thank you, Oscar,” the businessman [Roy] says, rising from the table. “You know young man, our arrangement may turn out even better than I’d anticipated. It seems to me you already have the personality traits that make a great leader.”

This is good storytelling. We know that Oscar has a positive attitude and he will learn and take action with the wisdom that Roy gives him. We are rooting for Oscar. That’s important.

Throughout the parable, Roy gives Oscar cards that reveal powerful principles for creating wealth.

Here are two examples:

Page 44: The most effective steps to a sale:

Step 1 –> Contact the decisionmaker
Step 2 –> Qualify and warm up
Step 3 –> Present
Step 4 –> Close
Step 5 –> Warm down

Page 111: Courageously step forward in faith, in spite of any fears. Your attitude is the main factor in your success or failure. So, make it a positive one!

We can derive power from a book when the material is simple, clear and memorable. The Millionaire Mentor fits that criteria well.

The various methods and tips in this book give a truthful overview of the process of wealth creation as delivered by two authentic entrepreneurs Greg S. Reid and Jason Stone.

Even veteran readers of business/inspirational material can gain benefit from the insights in this book.

For readers new to wealth creation material, The Millionaire Mentor proves to be a good place to start.

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