Discover Your Enchanted Prosperity

“There’s got to be a way to do business in which I feel more on purpose and I still enjoy my life!” my friend, Sherrie, said.

I agree with her, and this inspired me to create one of my speech topics: “Discover Your Enchanted Prosperity” (and you can Look Inside the Book when you CLICK HERE)

I will share some brief insights here.

“When you enchant people, your goal [is] to fill them with great delight.” – Guy Kawasaki

When I talk about Your Enchanted Prosperity, I’m referring to our uncovering that which delights us and other people. You discover how to serve people in ways that align with “what you’re good at, what people will pay for and which clients you want.”

We use the O.N.E. process (as in “you’re the one who knows in your heart.”):

O – open
N – nurture intuition
E – encourage

  1. Open

Many people are closed in their thoughts. You hear their comments like “That won’t work.”

Instead, I suggest that we focus on “Let’s find out!” Pick useful sources of information and encouragement. Many people (including “experts”) talk from looking in the rearview mirror—that is, from history.

Instead, make plans and take action as you test things and find out.

Now it’s your turn.

How can you devote some time and effort to be open to new possibilities? What good sources of inspiration and new ideas will you reach for?

  1. Nurture intuition

Think of your intuition as a friend who will help when you make time and space to hear intuition. We’d like intuition to inform us of the end game (steps 18, 19, 20) but intuition gives us Steps 1, 2, 3. When we complete Step 3—then intuition provides Steps 4, 5, 6.

To nurture your intuition, ask yourself, “Am I giving myself time to tinker and listen?” Frequently, in business, we do not have an immediate solution to a problem. If possible it helps to give ourselves some time (even one evening to “sleep on the problem”). Also talk with people and think through (or “tinker” with) the problem.

Now it’s your turn.

How will you make space so you can listen to your intuition? Will you talk with other people and listen carefully to what YOU say and how your heart feels?

  1. Encourage

To discover our Enchanted Prosperity path, we need to encourage ourselves. Do not wait for anyone’s approval. Some people do not know how to give approval. Walt Disney did not wait for approval to make Disneyland. Steve Jobs did not wait for approval of all top music producers to offer songs at $0.99 each. In fact, the Beatles waited many long years before they finally made their songs available on iTunes.

As you do some experiments with projects, tell/ask yourself: “Good effort. Good action. What did I learn? Will I use this, refine it, or drop it?”

Additionally, it helps when your product/service encourages people to do new things and feel good as they do them. Steve Jobs insisted that iPod users needed to be able to get to their music in three clicks. Jobs led his team to make that possible. And iPod users felt good in getting fast access to their music.

Now it’s your turn.

What will you do to encourage yourself? How will you reward yourself for taking small steps forward?

To discover Your Enchanted Prosperity path, remember “Open, Nurture intuition and Encourage.”

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2 comments on “Discover Your Enchanted Prosperity
  1. Emi Bruemmer says:

    Nurture intuition, I really like this one! What a great article Tom, thanks for sharing.


    • Emi,
      about “Nurture intuition, I really like this one! What a great article Tom, thanks for sharing.”

      Thank you for letting me know you like “nurture intuition.”
      I’ve found that it can be a default-setting to be “too busy to listen to intuition.”

      good journey,


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