Want to Interview Well and Get Your Dream Job? Use the “Nail the Interview, Land the Job” Approach

Tom Marcoux holds the book "Nail the Interview, Land the Job" by Michelle Tillis Lederman

Tom Marcoux holds the book “Nail the Interview, Land the Job” by Michelle Tillis Lederman

Recently, I learned from author Michelle Tillis Lederman as I studied her book Nail the Interview, Land the Job.

Lederman tells the truth in a powerful way that we can hear and use. On pages 52-57, she provides vital information for Calming Your Nerves during a job interview. She covers effective ways to deal with dry mouth, sweating and more. She helps you project confidence.

On pages 44-45, Lederman provides excellent pre-job interview “Last Minute Preparations and Tips.” I deeply appreciate how she shares critical advice about being careful about details including perfume/cologne (none), lipstick (careful of smudges on teeth), keys and jingling change (remove them from pockets) and yes, use the restroom before the interview … and more.

On page 141, she notes the value of preparing your own questions for your interviewer. She writes:

“Asking questions also shows initiative and curiosity and illustrates your poise, confidence, and the depth of your knowledge.”

On page 145, Lederman warns, “during a first interview do not ask about salary, benefits, or vacation days. Discuss these only if the interviewer brings them up. Otherwise you’ll come off as calculating and interested more in the perks than the position itself.”

*  *  *

I have personally coached college students to win the Charles Schwab Scholarship and to gain an internship with Donna Karen in New York City—and to join the team that made the video game Game of Thrones. In teaching Designing Careers college level classes for years, I know what people need to have successful job interviews.

I’m also on the other side of the interview table: As CEO, I hire people for my company that has teams in the United Kingdom, India and USA.

With my background, I feel joy to recommend Michelle Tillis Lederman’s book, Nail the Interview, Land the Job to you.

Many of us dread going to job interviews. Armed with the methods in this book, you can look upon interviews as something you can excel at. What a relief!

Discover how this book can greatly enhance your career.



P.S. For jobseekers, here are useful strategies in Relax Your Way Networking — in this 1.5 min video:


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One comment on “Want to Interview Well and Get Your Dream Job? Use the “Nail the Interview, Land the Job” Approach
  1. Emi says:

    Thank you for sharing this , what a great reminder to put your best foot forward during interviews. Of course they know we are obviously working out of need for money, and perks are always good… Yet there is no need to be tacky about it, and it makes sense to be genuinely interested in the job and being a good fit both ways.


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