Stop Holding Yourself Back – The Hidden Truth for You to Rise to Big Success!

Let happiness and abundance flow well!

Let happiness and abundance flow well!

“No, I can’t get myself to get excited about a possible, positive thing,” my friend Eldon said.

“I’m just curious. When did you last really look forward to something?” I asked.

“I don’t know. Maybe sometime when I was a kid,” he replied.

In working with hundreds of clients, graduate/college students and audience members, I’ve seen something insidious that causes big problems.

It centers on something connected to this question: Why do you hold back from affirming the positive?

Have you seen yourself afraid to hope?!

I have a vital question for you: ‘Do you hold back from hoping for something because you hold some idea that you can NOT endure a big disappointment?

Here’s the truth: Even if  you hide and try to play small, disappointments come into our lives, anyway!

My solution is: Until I know differently, I AM affirming the positive.

Think about it: What if things do go your way, then you would have wasted your time keeping yourself stuck in a negative spiral of thoughts.

The successful people I have interviewed have faced lots of disappointing outcomes and even rejection every week. How? They’re always stretching and putting themselves out into the world.

Have you ever heard a friend say this: “Ahhh, what’s the use? That kind of good thing never happens to me.” And then the person does NOTHING. Beware of this terrible pattern of doing nothing.

“Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” – Benjamin Franklin

Let’s look at this evidence.

For many of us:

  • There was the day when we could not ride a bicycle . . . and then we did.
  • There was the day that we had no job . . . and then we had a first job.
  • There was the day when we could not swim . . . and then we could swim.

The truth is:  The past does not equal the future. – Tony Robbins

However, if you do not hold a positive picture of your future, you are likely to do NOTHING! That’s a big problem. And that is NOT for you.

So I invite you to consider using my method: Until I know differently, I AM affirming the positive.

As an Executive Coach – Spoken Word Strategist, I support my clients in boldly holding a positive picture of their future and taking consistent action.

Let’s say you want to improve your skills and rise up the ladder and increase your hourly rate.

I know people who worked over years to improve their skills and to get excellent experience. They started at $5.00 per hour and now earn over $400 per hour.

This is doable when a person deeply wants to improve—and is willing to train hard.

“If you work hard on your job you can make a living, but if you work hard on yourself, you’ll make a fortune” – Jim Rohn

One of my favorite sayings is: “Replace worry with action” – Steve Chandler.

Do NOT fall into the rut (or stay there) of those people who say that their lives are: “Same old, same old.”

Do something new. Replace worry with action. Get some new learning. Learn from people who know things that you do not know.

And as you do new things, keep up your own morale (and the morale of people near you).

Until you know differently, Affirm the positive.

  • Yes – you’re learning.
  • Yes – you’re making progress for more abundance in your life.
  • Yes – you have a bright future—with advancements you do not even know about at the moment.
  • Yes – the project you’re working on will have great outcomes (some of which you do not even know right now).

And here is the Hidden Truth: If you do meet a setback or a big disappointment, you CAN endure, bounce back and leap higher than before.

Why? Because by taking action you’ve learned so much more than others who do nothing, risk nothing and stay locked “in their shell”—or comfort zone.

Joy and success are outside your comfort zone.

Take action today.

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