How to Keep Your Heart Full and Keep Moving Forward

Take your life to a Higher Level: Get the book "Your Power Path to Freedom, Success and Happiness"

Take your life to a Higher Level: Get the book “Your Power Path to Freedom, Success and Happiness”

“Damn! He did it again,” my friend Nadine said. Her husband had promised to pick up the dry cleaning but had failed to do so.

I know at times, we need to rely on others. But sometimes, we’ll get significantly disappointed.

Recently I wrote: “Collaboration, friendliness and kindness combine as a terrific form of power.” So I’m aware of the how great things can go when people come together. I’m currently leading teams in the United Kingdom, India and the United States of America—so teams mean a lot to me.

Still, my question is: How do you keep your heart full?

And that’s related to this vital question: Where is your hope coming from?

Find some way to take personal action so that’s the springboard for your hope.

If you’re relying only on a human being to bring you hope, that may be a significant problem.

Human beings make errors, get distracted and put themselves first (at times) before others. Human beings, at times, break promises.

How about keeping a promise to yourself—to keep growing, discovering and learning?

I call this “self-generating hope.”

There’s another type of hope: “Self-generating hope.” That’s referencing your Higher Self.

Think of your Higher Self as that part of you that connected with the Divine and with all the good in the universe. When you act from your Higher Self, you act with courage, and you’re divinely guided.

The opposite is to act from your ego—that part of you that’s made of fear.

We can tie this into “Where is your hope coming from?”

Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better. Don’t wish for less problems, wish for more skills. Don’t wish for less challenge, wish for more wisdom.” ― Jim Rohn

A powerful and healthy way to approach life is: My hope arises from my Higher Self and from my taking action–positively and consistently.

We can call this a proactive hope—a courageous hope.

The opposite would be a “wishy-washy hope.” But that is NOT for you.

My friend, step forward. Keep nurturing  yourself. Take action and exercise your Courageous Hope.

That’s how you keep your heart full and you keep moving forward.


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