Discover the Power Method to Prosperity

Love yourself to abundance -- a cat knows.

Love yourself to abundance — a cat knows.

“Damn! I just lost one of my two part-time jobs. Now, I’m in trouble about money,” my friend Fred said.

Because he asked, I introduced Fred to the “Power Method to Prosperity.” To say it briefly, “Ask Yourself an Empowering Question.”

Why does this help? To make more money, you need two things: Clarity and Action.

Let’s look at Empowering Questions:

For someone looking for a job:

* How can I design my resume to express something that will make me stand out – and will demonstrate that I will lighten the prospective employer’s burden?

For a business owner:

* What can I do today that will secure more long-term customers?

As an Executive Coach – Spoken Word Strategist, I help a number of my clients build a brand from “zero to Extraordinary.” I ask a number of questions and listen carefully to my clients’ responses. We also test the ideas in number of ways.

One of the tough things for new business owners is to clearly and quickly express what they do and how clients benefit. As I ask questions, I get the client to fill in the blanks of my formula:

Tom Marcoux’s Branding Formula:

I help people _______
to achieve _________
They feel _________
My clients say ______

Here’s another way to view this:

I help people __(verb)__
to achieve __(results)__
They feel __(successful, relieved, happy about, more effective)___
My clients say: Joe is so trustworthy and smart about marketing that my sales went up 37%. [an example]

Here is an Empowering Question:

What do I do that’s easy for me, hard for others and people want to pay for?

This question can help you and me (and yes, Fred!) to consider new ways to bring in income. Think of this: Steve Jobs had the idea that people would pay $0.99 for a song that they could grab for free on the Internet. His idea was new and he had to use his charm and tactics to get music companies to go along. In fact, the Beatles held out for a long time but eventually joined the iTunes fold. People have gained more than 25 Billion downloads of songs from iTunes! I’m participating, too: I have two audiobooks on iTunes myself: Be Heard and Be Trusted and Darkest Secrets of Persuasion and Seduction Masters: How to Protect Yourself and Turn the Power to Good — hear a portion when you CLICK HERE.

Here’s another hint:

One of my mentors said, “If you want clients, you need to talk to them.” I used this idea as a springboard: I can talk to prospective clients through 1.6 min. videos on YouTube. Each video works as a 24/7 ambassador.

Here’s how I demonstrate how my directing a feature film that went to the Cannes Film market helps me to support clients in Building Their Brand . . . Here is a 1.7 min. video example:

The truth is: a prospective client wants to know you and to feel that you’re trustworthy and credible. That’s a significant part of the value of a video.

Here’s another example (1.5 min. video):

In summary, here are other Empowering Questions:

  • How can you talk with your clients/prospective clients through videos?
  • How can you use testimonials to demonstrate you are both trustworthy and quite capable?

To increase your prosperity focus on Empowering Questions, your own Clarity – and that you take action.

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in North Hollywood, California
October 14, 2015. See 1.3 min. video:

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To Register – CLICK HERE




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