Better than You Imagined – Use Secrets of Law of Attraction, Law of Creation and Law of Being

“Really? You think I can do that?!” Sam asked. I’d seen such a look on the face of a number of clients. It happens when I encourage clients to explore what they really want in life.

It’s like the sun bursts through the clouds, and the clients feel the permission to express what’s deep in their hearts.

Asking is the beginning of receiving. Make sure you don’t go to the ocean with a teaspoon. At least take a bucket… –  Jim Rohn

Living a life of joy, adventure and fulfillment is like going to the ocean with a bucket to collect a LOT of sea water. I’m talking about collecting a lot of experiences, resources and cooperation for your extraordinary life.

Unfortunately, a number of people (I’ve talked with) have apparently given up on living on the “fulfilling-my-dreams” level.

What’s needed here is a shift in mindset. So we’ll use the G.I.F.T. process:

G – get others involved
I – imagine better
F – focus
T – “trust-build”

1. Get others involved

I made my first film when I was 9 years old. Immediately, I learned that there was a way to get people to participate in my projects. The answer was: “inviting people to have a good time.”

Nothing is impossible for the man who doesn’t have to do it himself. – A. H. Weiler

I learned that expressing appreciation and appropriately praising work helps people feel good about themselves, the team and the project.

2. Imagine better

This article is titled “Better than You Imagined.” I’ve learned that to be a leader you need to first imagine something better, communicate that vision and then set the “playground” so people can do their best work. (As an Executive Coach, I work with business owners and leaders to communicate so well that people naturally follow their lead and want to do a great job!)

Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions. – Albert Einstein

The leader is ahead of the team pointing in the direction of the positive vision. That takes imagination.

3. Focus

Focus is crucial for making a dream come true. I can come up with a book idea and with three editors (editing different sections simultaneously) finish a book in 90 days. How? I work on the project every day. That’s focus.

One reason so few of us achieve what we truly want is that we never direct our focus; we never concentrate our power. Most people dabble their way through life, never deciding to master anything in particular. – Tony Robbins

Let others lead small lives, but not you. Let others argue over small things, but not you. Let others cry over small hurts, but not you. Let others leave their future in someone else’s hands, but not you. – Jim Rohn

Focus on what you want and do NOT let fear shut you down. I’ve written about courage often in my books because I’ve learned that taking action often requires pressing on despite fear.

Focus on the “big good” and you will feel the personal energy to navigate through “smaller bad.” Make what you want more important than fear.

It’s so important to me that I support clients, students and readers to expand their vision and efforts to create a joyful life that I wrote a book, just NOW released, entitled: Yes! Secrets for Your Best Life – Law of Attraction plus Hidden Power Increases Your Success and Happiness. [CLICK HERE for a Free chapter]

Here is an Excerpt:


The airplane wing raced toward my cameraman’s head. He was supposed to crouch down and let the wing swoosh safely over him. But he was standing. As the feature film director, I watched the whole set—in this case, the runway at San Luis Obispo airport. I ran, grabbed the cameraman, pulled him downward—and the wing cut the air above our heads.

As I caught my breath, I was grateful that I had not hesitated and that I had acted swiftly to protect my crew member. And I was grateful and excited that I was directing my first feature film.
Later, upon reflection, I realized that manifesting my big, first-time director opportunity was not just the product of the Law of Attraction. Two other Laws were involved: the Law of Creation and the Law of Being.

In a moment, I’ll provide “working definitions” of the Three Laws: Law of Attraction, Law of Creation and Law of Being.

First, let’s observe: The combined effect of the Three Laws is creating your life of prosperity, love, joy and fulfillment. For you to experience these benefits, I serve as your coach in this book.
Now, here are the definitions:

Law of Attraction: The operating principle of the universe that “similar energies are drawn together.” Positive thoughts act like magnets to positive life experiences and negative thoughts (given too much attention) attract negative life experiences.

Law of Creation: The operating principle of the universe that when you take action you create new possibilities. Often you are creating new impressions in other people’s thoughts. People start to view you as a “mover and shaker.” Their confidence in you and your project increases. Action breeds more action and more attraction of people and resources to make your dreams come true.

Law of Being: The operating principle of the universe that renewal and gratitude nourish you so you can have sustained prosperity, abundance and fulfillment. The central idea of the Law of Being is to shift to an empowered state of being. A reliable way to experience more joy and peace is to focus on what you’re grateful for.

* * *

With this section, I want us to hit the ground running. So I’ll now provide brief and pertinent information about the Three Laws. When I reflected on the successes that my clients and I have enjoyed in life, I realized that the combined effect of the Three Laws manifests amazing, positive outcomes. I then taught this to my clients, audiences and students in a quick memorable form: the 3 A’s.

The 3 A’s:
• Attraction
• Action
• Abundance

We can see how the elements correspond:
• Attraction (Law of Attraction)
• Action (Law of Creation)
• Abundance (Law of Being).

Now we’ll explore further . . .

Law of Attraction
I’ll now focus on two elements of the Law of Attraction:
1) To really invoke the Law of Attraction, go beyond the standard “Ask, Believe, Receive” process.
2) The Law of Attraction involves both spiritual and physical processes.

1) To really invoke the Law of Attraction, go beyond the standard “Ask, Believe, Receive” process.
A truly popular description of the Law of Attraction process is: “Ask, Believe, Receive.” You get clear about a personal heartfelt desire; then you ask the universe for that desire. Then you visualize the actual experience of receiving the desired outcome or object. Such visualization involves as many senses as possible. You come to truly believe that the desired outcome is yours. And the universe delivers what you want.

I’ve learned that the Law of Attraction process has many layers and textures.

What really helps is to create a combined effect of the three laws: Law of Attraction, Law of Creation and Law of Being.

What’s missing from many people’s attempt to use the Law of Attraction is action. Take action (invoke the Law of Creation) and discover that you become even more attractive to positive outcomes, opportunities and resources.

*** End of excerpt from new book Yes! Secrets for Your Best Life – Law of Attraction plus Hidden Power Increases Your Success and Happiness ***

4. “Trust-build”

With trust, big things happen. People commit to doing a great job. People follow your lead.

What’s one thing that can help you build trust? Listening.

I share with my clients: “When you’re listening, you’re winning.”

Also, develop your own personal standards. Be a little early for appointments. Be careful about your promises and write them down in your calendar. Live in such a way that people can count on you.

When people trust you, they’ll offer you cooperation and opportunities that untrustworthy people never hear about.

In a nutshell:

To create a life better than you imagined, develop good relationships and other people will help and make the projects more textured and literally better than you first imagined.

How fun!



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