Love Yourself to Financial Abundance

Love yourself to abundance -- a cat knows.

Love yourself to abundance — a cat knows.

I recently saw four of my friends have money troubles and I had a surprising thought: “If they loved themselves more, they would have been in better shape.” Then, my thoughts crystallized when I saw my cat walk into the room where I was typing on a desktop computer.

I realized that my cat naturally does three things–and these can apply toward increasing one’s financial abundance.

1. Be yourself

My cat, Magic, simply expresses himself as a cat. He doesn’t try to bark or chase cars.

Now, how does this apply to increasing our financial abundance? I’ll give you an example. Some years ago, I sat in a room of 23 attorneys who did not want to be attorneys. They had the law degree but then discovered that they did not find the day-to-day work appealing. These were not happy, successful attorneys!

My point is that we are less likely to excel at what we do not like. And often what we do not like relates to where our skills and native ability is lacking.

Instead, focus on your areas of great interest.

Secondly, don’t compete–be yourself and create. To create more financial abundance it’s often better to create your own category instead of trying to jump into a category that already has intense, existing competition.

For example, there is no one just like Whoopi Goldberg. She’s an African American woman named after a cushion and a Jewish person. How’s that?

We’re here for a reason. I believe a bit of the reason is to throw little torches out to lead people through the dark. – Whoopi Goldberg

2. Be where you can get what you want

I frequently encounter my cat in the kitchen. Why? That’s where the food is. It’s simple. He wants a treat and he’s next to the refrigerator.

Now, it’s your turn:

What do you want? And where is it?

For example, let’s say you want to raise money for making a feature film. Where are the film investors? Some years ago, I attended a meeting in Palo Alto, California. In the meeting were film investors. If a filmmaker wanted to have a chance to get funded by these particular investors, they needed to be in that room at that time.

For some forms of business, you need to go where the fans are. At one point, there was a TV show entitled Heroes of Cosplay, which featured people who travel to many comic book conventions. That’s where the fans are.

3. Ask for what you want

I’ve just scratched under my cat’s chin for the seventh time in a row. I’m not a cat owner; I am cat staff.

Magic speaks up and asks for what he wants: Attention and specifically to be scratched under his chin. When I scratch him behind the ears, he actually lifts his chin for me to scratch exactly where he wants.

How does this apply to increasing your financial abundance? In the following ways:

You need to . . .

  • ask for the sale
  • ask for someone to take a moment and listen to you
  • ask for help
  • ask for support
  • ask for new ideas
  • ask for referrals for your business

A Special Note about Love Yourself to Financial Abundance:

I’m emphasizing “love yourself” because, for many of us, to increase our income we’re going to need to do new things and sometimes put in extreme efforts. We need to take great care of ourselves because we need extra energy to do extraordinary things.

When you love a child, you make sure the little brushes his or her teeth. The child will likely give you resistance but you’ll brave it because the child’s well-being is of primary importance. When you love yourself, you’ll do the tough things to make sure that you become the person you want to be, who attracts success and financial abundance. [This is so important to me that I wrote a whole book on the topic: Love Yourself to Financial Abundance and Spiritual Joy: How You Can Remove Blocks to Your Prosperity, Happiness and Inner Peace – Free Chapter when you CLICK HERE ]


Book: “Love Yourself to Financial Abundance and Spiritual Joy” available at

For example, I started off as a shy 9-year-old boy terrified while playing the piano for seniors in a retirement home. So I gained the coaching and training–and did hours of rehearsal–to become a professional speaker and leader of companies. Why? Because I wanted to get big things done. I loved myself enough to invest in my training. I was also realistic in understanding that a lot of rehearsal would help develop new skills and new patterns of speaking and performing.

As an Executive Coach, I assure my clients about the power of having someone support you as you stretch and grow. This is a fact I know. I had 3 excellent high school instructors:

* One taught psychology — I earned a degree in psychology.
* One taught English literature– I wrote 27 books and screenplays — and directed feature films.
* One taught theology — I wrote a college online course in Comparative Religion that I have been teaching for over 13 years.

Some time ago, I posted a question to my 5,795 Facebook contacts–and I submit it to you now:

What positive thing would you do if you loved yourself enough or loved yourself more?

Write down your answer.

Make a plan.

And take action to expand your financial abundance.

In essence, love yourself to financial abundance.


Tom Marcoux,
Speaker-author of 27 books (with free chapters on )
Executive Coach
Spoken Word Strategist
Author of Love Yourself to Financial Abundance and Spiritual Joy: How You Can Remove Blocks to Your Prosperity, Happiness and Inner Peace (Free Chapter when you CLICK HERE )
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2 comments on “Love Yourself to Financial Abundance
  1. Emi says:

    Yes, cats DO know! Great article Tom!


  2. Emi,
    about “Yes, cats DO know! Great article Tom!”

    Thank you, Emi. I thought you’d appreciate the antics of my cat Magic 🙂
    many joyful moments,


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