Use the Real Secret of Three-Dimensional Success

Don't sleep through the opportunity; listen for how to truly enjoy your life!

Don’t sleep through the opportunity; listen for how to truly enjoy your life!

Imagine the man who arrived at success just in time to lose his marriage. Or the woman who took care of everyone but herself and died young. That’s successful? I’m introducing “Success in 3 Dimensions.”

Success in 3 Dimensions

  • you feel great
  • you’re doing well in creating abundance
  • your health is terrific.

Having all three dimensions is essential to enjoying your successful life. When I say, “Doing well in creating abundance” I’m referring to a number of elements. Many of us truly want to enjoy what we do for a living. Further, we want to be well-compensated. And the idea of “abundance” is useful. Abundance is about having a surplus—more than enough. If you have barely enough to pay rent and eat, that’s NOT fun!

Many of us want cash to take a vacation, celebrate a loved one’s birthday and more.

The question is: How can I have all three dimensions: feel great, create abundance and enjoy terrific health?

Here’s the Real Secret of 3-Dimensional Success: It consists of three parts.

  1. “Life is about success, not perfection.” – Alan Weiss
  2. “It does not matter how slow you go as long as you do not stop.” – Confucius
  3. “Do something. It’s Better than Zero.” – Tom Marcoux

As an Executive Coach, I help my client devise an action plan that supports a great life of feeling great, doing well in creating abundance and enhancing one’s health.

1) “Life is about success, not perfection.” – Alan Weiss

The problem with perfectionism is that it may shut down a person so he or she is afraid to do something because of fear about not excelling at it the first time.

If life is about success, then you can pay close attention and identify the vital elements of having a successful business, a successful relationship and good health. As human beings, we’re unlikely to do everything “perfectly,” but we can focus on the Most Important Things.

For example, one of my clients walks 30 minutes a day and during that time talks with her boyfriend. Sure, perfection would include her doing vigorous weight training and running for two hours each day—but that does not match her lifestyle. So her body is not “perfect” in her ownmind. But she does have a good romantic relationship; she’s doing well at work and she gets appropriate sleep. These are important elements of a successful life.

Another way to view “success not perfection” is to declare: Life is about taking effective action and making consistent progress.

Now it’s your turn.

Where are you allowing perfectionism to slow you down? Are you spending your energy on “small things” and are you neglecting the most important things that can improve your life?

2) “It does not matter how slow you go as long as you do not stop.” – Confucius

Many of us have heard of the overnight success that took ten years.

My dad told me, “It takes fifteen years to be an overnight success”, and it took me seventeen and a half years. – Adrien Brody

The journey is important. Recently, I was teaching people how to go from zero connections to blog visitors from 141 countries. I realized that I had trained my whole life to teach that session and those people on that day.

Earlier in my business career, I worked for corporations doing work that had nothing to do with my best talents. Then, a decade later, I applied what I had learned to teaching graduate students at Stanford University.

All the experiences add up to make me more valuable to the marketplace today!

Now it’s your turn.

How might you apply what you’ve learned over the years to making your life better and better?

3) “Do something. It’s Better than Zero.” – Tom Marcoux

Sometimes, the thing to do is to study the situation or get more information. Sometimes the thing to do is to take a break! When you return, you’ll have a fresh perspective. For example, a client presented me with her notes for a blog article. At first, I was baffled. The notes were convoluted. I took a break and returned and BAM! I could see the hidden thread that could run through the blog article.

My main point about “Do something. It’s Better than Zero” is: Take a step forward each day; they add up . . . Two hundred words a day leads to a 52,000 word book (for example).

Laura Hillenbrand, the author of the bestselling books Seabiscuit and Unbroken endures Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The article “The Unbreakable Laura Hillenbrand” notes: “Even the physical act of writing can occasionally stymie [Laura], as the room spins and her brain swims to find words in a cognitive haze. There have been weeks and months — indeed, sometimes years — when the mere effort to lift her hands and write has been all that she can muster.”

Still, Laura takes a few steps forward each day. Let’s notice that it all adds up: Seabiscuit has 399 pages and Unbroken includes 528 pages.

By the way, Laura’s success is unusual. She does no talk shows and no in-person appearances promoting her books. And still, her books are bestsellers.

Now it’s your turn.

What can you do today that is “better than zero”? How can you take some steps forward each day?

As an Executive Coach, I help my client express what’s in his or her heart, create a powerful plan, and take action consistently.

Remember, the people who truly enjoy life are making progress on all 3 Dimensions of Success:

  • they feel great
  • they’re doing well in creating abundance
  • their health is terrific.

Remember “Life is about success, not perfection.”

My added comment is: Boldness makes progress. Precision makes sustainability. By this I mean, you need to take a courageous step forward. You can refine your work as you go along so your work has lasting power.

Take some steps forward today.



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author of 27 books (with free chapters on )
Executive Coach
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