Don’t Let Fear Shut Down Your Creativity!

Do NOT die with your music still inside you!

Do NOT die with your music still inside you!

One decision can improve your life. It’s when you decide to become strong and handle fear. This means a lot to me because I’ve had to face fear numerous times. They were various firsts: first time directing a feature film, first time being the lead singer/song-writer of a band, first time writing a book, first time teaching MBA students at STANFORD UNIVERSITY and more. I had some fear each time, but I went forward.

It comes down to four essential questions:

1) What’s your safety net?

When I write a book, I have two editors who push me to better writing. I get support and I offer it, too. A little while ago, I launched my group “Executive Public Speaking and Communication Power!” Consider joining the group when you CLICK HERE.

2) How can you step past fears about money?

A little while ago, I started writing my first musical. I scheduled the work to happen over three years. Why? I’m busy doing other things that are the sources of income. I do not set myself up to have to earn money with the musical. I have the freedom to experiment.

No matter how the musical turns out, I will grow and improve as a writer. It will not interfere with my income-generating work. But it will be a source of fun and creative joy!

So concerns about money will not shut down my creativity.

As an Executive Coach, I help clients make a plan that inspires them and that comforts them because we develop the contingency plans to handle the bumpy road of fulfilling one’s real potential and real destiny.

3) How can you do it without needing others to say ‘yes’?

When it comes to the musical, I do not have to wait for a theatre troupe to say yes. I can hire singers and record a version of the songs in a recording studio. I can say yes to myself. Maybe one of the songs will work well separately from the musical.

4) How can you focus on “learning” instead of allowing the fear “it may not be great” to stop you?

Do not let yourself get stuck in having to make anything “great” the first time out. Realize that any art form requires a learning curve.

For example, I know a number of people who have enjoyed Wicked, the musical. Some consider it the biggest stage success of composer Stephen Schwartz’s career. In October 2010, Wicked became the third musical in Broadway history to exceed $500 million in total gross income. And Wicked is Stephen’s thirteenth musical. Yes, it’s a big hit and it’s number 13. He just keeps on getting better!

Don’t expect yourself to do it “perfectly” the first time. We truly learn by doing.

When you focus on learning each time you go to the creative well, you always win. Sometimes, you may do a project that does not hit the marketplace at a suitable time. For example, when the film The Princess Bride was released, few people saw it at movie theaters. Only later, a core audience found the film when it was released on VHS tape. It became so popular that it’s now available on Blu-ray, and a while ago, it had a special 25th Anniversary edition. What counts is that you keep exploring and taking appropriate risks. (Get more encouragement. See a free chapter of my book Nothing Can Stop You This Year! when you CLICK HERE).

This reminds me of the quote:

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it.
Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” – Howard Thurman

As an Executive Coach, I help my clients connect with what I call “Big Energy,” which helps them focus, plan and take consistent action.

Keep learning, keep expressing your creativity and you’ll find joy in doing the projects. And you’ll come alive!



Tom Marcoux,
author of 27 books (with free chapters on )
Executive Coach
Spoken Word Strategist
Author of Nothing Can Stop You This Year! (free chapter when you CLICK HERE )
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2 comments on “Don’t Let Fear Shut Down Your Creativity!
  1. Emi says:

    Great article, Thank you for sharing this with me Tom!


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