Use “One YES for Infinite Success”

Ignite new and better opportunities!

Ignite new and better opportunities!

Have you ever thought of someone who could say yes and change your whole life? Imagine knowing how to get the “One YES” that improves your life. The insights in this article are especially helpful when you want breakthroughs in prosperity. We’ll use the O.N.E. process:

O – open your thoughts
N – notice a category
E – energize your contacts

1. Open your thoughts

What would be your “One YES” that massively improves your life?

For some it would be “Yes, we’ll publish your book.”

Others would welcome:
* Yes, I’ll marry you.
* Yes, I’ll invest in your company.
* Yes, I’ll join your team.

Have you noticed that some people refuse to even speculate about something great happening? Why? Perhaps, they’re trying to avoid feeling disappointed.

The truth is life brings disappointment even if we try to hide and hold tiny expectations.

For many of us, it is better to have a “glorious direction” to aim for.

When I say, Open Your Thoughts, I invite you to ask this question: What would make that person who can give the “One YES” take special notice of me and my project?

It could be:
a) You sold 20,000 copies of your graphic novel.
b) A notable person endorses your book.
c) A doctor has certified that your meditation audio program helps her patients.

Big possibilities begin when we open our thoughts to new ideas. Have the courage to imagine who can change your life with a “Yes” response. Then start preparing so you can impress them and get their cooperation.

As an Executive Coach, I support my client to do something on a small scale to show what she or he can do. It’s all about demonstrating your skills and vision. You create credibility. You build from there, and the process can go surprisingly fast. For example, my clients have said:

* “Tom Marcoux coached me in 10 days to get more done than other coaches in 2 years.” – Brad Carlson, CEO of Mindstrong LLC

* “Using just one of Tom Marcoux’s methods, I got more done in 2 weeks than in 6 months.” – Jaclyn Freitas, M.A.

The process is: open your thoughts, set a plan and take action. Then you enjoy feeling proud of yourself as you create new and better results.

2. Notice a category

Thinking of only ONE person and trying to be perfect in one meeting to get their cooperation may feel overwhelming. If I concentrate on only ONE person who can change my life, then I might be terrified of making a mistake. Instead, I think of a “category of people” who could say yes.

You see, it’s not one person. It’s a whole bunch of people who share a trait or two.
For example, when I enter a negotiation, I think, “Let’s see if they want to play.” In this manner, I reduce my level of nervousness.

We can apply this principle, in a way, to identifying a category of people who could give you that one Big Yes.

3. Energize your contacts.

As an Executive Coach, I often help clients focus on what I call the 3 Magic Words of Networking: Help Them First. Find a way to be supportive of what the other person is doing. Develop warm connections.

Second, let the right people know what your big goals are.

For example, my team is focused on our franchise titled Jack AngelSword (which includes graphic novels and feature films).

My ultimate goal is: Jack AngelSword serves millions of people so near the end of my life, I can sell my company (that includes other franchises) to . . . you guessed it: Disney.

Why? Because I want my franchise to continue to inspire and serve people beyond my lifespan.

You’ve probably heard of the theory of “Six Degrees of Separation” which holds that everyone is merely six steps away. So all you need is an introduction from one person to another.

I know that this can work in your favor. For example, when I first began in the film industry, I wrote a screenplay that one software engineer handed to another software engineer — to a real estate developer — and then to the California Motion Picture Commissioner.

When I needed it, the California Motion Picture Commissioner arranged for San Luis Obispo airport and an American Eagle airplane (for free) for a feature film I was directing.

So in essence, I’m saying:

Energize your contacts.

You can make big things happen with the right people on board.

(By the way, who do you know who would like to connect with me about  Jack AngelSword? Just asking.)



Tom Marcoux,
author of 27 books (with free chapters on )
Executive Coach
Spoken Word Strategist
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