Unleash a Constant Flow of Healing in Your Life

Light up your own path of healing and joy in life.

Light up your own path of healing and joy in life.

Where in your life do you need healing? In your finances? Perhaps in personal relationships? We’ll use the N.O.W. process:

N – notice
O – own
W – wonder

1. Notice

Simply take a look at your life and where you need healing. For example, for some years, three people (very close to me) truly did not value the work I do to serve other people. I noticed their disdain. And I made sure to have limited interactions with them. Two of them have drifted away. And I learned to “let go and let God.” When I have an occasional thought about a lost friend, I immediately think, “‘Joe’ may your happiness expand.” And I easily move on with my day.

I’m sharing the above story for three reasons. First, to encourage you to identify (“notice”) who drains your energy. Second, see if you can let the “drainers” drift out of your life. A third reason: condition yourself to shift your thinking — similar to the prayer I say–“Joe, may your happiness expand.” Then turn your attention to what is empowering in your life.

2. Own

You cannot solve a problem that you do not own. For example, I am careful about my sleep. I log how much sleep I get each night. Why? Sleep is one of the pillars of excellent physical and mental health.

What problem is in your life that you need to own? To own a problem is to take notes and really see what is going on. And then to make a plan and take action.

For many of us, part of owning a particular problem is to get help–perhaps, a coach, therapist, or a business consultant. Often, as an Executive Coach, I work with a client who is glad that I can bring three skill sets to our conversation: coach, business consultant and mentor. I often help the client with Dynamic Rehearsal for crucial meetings or speeches.

“Spectacular achievement is always preceded by unspectacular preparation.” – Robert H. Schuller

A wonderful benefit of owning a problem, making a plan and taking action is in how it unleashes this tremendous feeling of hope. You now have hope because you’re moving forward. Even better, you feel good about yourself because you overcome fear.

“Educated Action overcomes fear.” – Dave Lakhani

Educated Action arises from how you own your problem, get training or coaching, study, reflect, set a plan and then take steps forward. Then you’ll discover surprising opportunities and even surprising sources of support. Such action and support will build your personal energy and give you resources to have a flow of constant healing in your life.

3. Wonder

Several years ago I walked through the corridors of the university from which I graduated. I glanced in an empty classroom and immediately felt the intuition: “I want to teach!” At that time, I had no idea how things would turn out. But within six months, I was teaching a workshop to 296 people at De Anza College.

When I talk of wonder about your next chapter in life or possible new opportunities, I think of this quote:

“We must be willing to relinquish the life we’ve planned in favor of the life that is waiting for us.” – Joseph Campbell

In early 2015, I celebrated 15 years of teaching graduate students and college students–including MBA students at Stanford University. Along the way, I realized that I would not reach all of the people I prefer to serve by limiting myself to a classroom. So I trained with mentors and used so much experience I gained during my career to become an Executive Coach and the Spoken Word Strategist. And I wrote 27 books. I’m excited about my book Yes! Secrets for Your Best Life – Law of Attraction: Plus Hidden Power Increases Your Success and Happiness (*free chapter* when you CLICK HERE )

I did not know how things would unfold. But I kept myself “in the game” and capable to flow with the next opportunity.

Wonder what your next chapter of life will be.

Welcome new opportunities.



Tom Marcoux
author of 27 books (with free chapters on Amazon.com )
Executive Coach
Spoken Word Strategist

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