Want Financial Abundance AND Happiness? Use the “Worthy” Approach

Nancy Levin and her book "Worthy" -- Tom Marcoux holds a copy of the book.

Nancy Levin and her book “Worthy” — Tom Marcoux holds a copy of the book.

Do you want your life to blossom in a full expression of your joy and new experience of abundance? That may seem to be an easy question to which you’d reply, “Yes!” Tonight I had a great experience in learning from Nancy Levin, author of Worthy: Boost Your Self-Worth to Grow Your Net Worth. She points out, “We are completely capable of creating what we really want.”

Then, she identified that limiting beliefs and “old, outdated commitments” hold us back. These were set for many of us before we turned 10 years old.

Nancy continued, “We have a choice about what we believe. We can create new beliefs that serve us and not sabotage us.”

She said that her book, Worthy, arose in part when she had an experience during the process of her divorce. She had been the breadwinner in her 18-year marriage. She had a meeting with her lawyer, and she stated that she did not want to provide support for her able-bodied former husband. When the mediator came in with her husband’s desire for seven years of support at $4,000 per month, Nancy’s lawyer did not stay with Nancy’s stated preference.

Nancy was appalled that her lawyer started negotiating.

In describing this situation, Nancy said, “I didn’t trust my own voice. I didn’t trust myself enough to stand in my truth.” Nancy clarified that NOW, she would immediately fire her attorney, if necessary.

Before I had the chance to meet and listen to Nancy tonight, I had read a great portion of her book Worthy. I took a family member with me so that we both could learn from her wisdom. Nancy’s book includes: “You Can’t Afford Not to Drop the Excuses (pg. 80)” and …

“Excuses are actually just well-packaged resistance. But our resistance also has a lot to do with our self-worth. When we feel worthy, we don’t resist what’s good for us.  We feel we deserve what we want, so we find it much easier to step right over our fears and go for it. (pg. 65)”

“Our excuses are the way we reinforce our beliefs. They’re … a form of self-sabotage because they give us permission not to try. (pg. 71)”

My friend, I invite you to do yourself a favor and get a copy of Worthy: Boost Your Self-Worth to Grow Your Net Worth. So many of us have trouble with self-worth issues. Why? As Nancy says, “The goal of our soul is to be whole. … We are on a spiral of our core issues. This is why the people closest to us trigger us the most.”

My point is that Nancy Levin’s book Worthy can be a great support in your journey of wholeness, abundance and true happiness.



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