Want to Become Lucky? – Learn About “Smart Lucky”

Tom Marcoux lands jet ski in feature film scene.

Tom Marcoux lands jet ski in feature film scene.

“I need some better luck!” Terry, a friend, said.

I listened for a time, and then I said, “Would you like me to share with you a useful idea of how to improve your luck?”

“Yes!” Terry replied.

Learn about “Smart Lucky”

Do you have the ability to turn things around?

Do you call yourself lucky?

A number of researchers have noted that people who call themselves lucky, who believe themselves to be lucky, actually have more positive experiences! It’s a positive self-fulfilling prophecy.

Why? Maybe because their mindset is looking to make things better. Perhaps, they can better see how to turn things around. They can turn something disappointing into an opportunity for something better.

Recently, I was asked by a journalist to share some lucky things in my own life:

I replied with this:

Here’s my film industry lucky journey. I write a screenplay, and I’m in Silicon Valley. My screenplay is passed from one software engineer to another software engineer to a real estate developer to the California Motion Picture Commissioner. This Commissioner gets me – for free – an American Eagle airplane and the San Luis Obispo Airport to use for the big finish of my feature film. I direct/write/co-produce this feature film that goes to the Cannes Film market and gains international distribution.

A short time before filming the big action scene at San Luis Obispo Airport, I had a meeting with George Takei (“Mr. Sulu” of Star Trek) who said that he was too old for the leading role. So my co-producer turns to me and says, “Tom, you play the role.” I then turn into an actor-stuntman [see the related photo of my landing a jet ski in the flatbed of a pickup truck].

Then I get the chance to direct a second feature film. On the set, the father of a young actor tells me about a film group. I see their website, and this leads to my being a graduate school / college level instructor … even training MBA students at Stanford University.

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.” – Steve Jobs

Here’s What I Call “Smart Lucky”

Just before my film industry journey began, I was offered a $20,000 budget for my band to make a music album. (This was some years ago.)

Some days later, I got a clear, intuitive feeling to end this project. Something was off.

Because I closed the chapter of making this music album, I was subsequently free to begin my film industry journey.

Some people might call the music album not working out as bad luck.

To me, listening to my intuition was “smart.” And this is part of what I call “Smart Lucky.”

Now it’s your turn. When have you experienced the closing of one door and the opening to a new door of opportunity? What situation has recently disappointed you? How can you take effective action and make things better?

I call this: Make Victory Blossom from Ashes of Disappointment.

This is the truth: If you adopt a proactive mindset, you can open the door for more lucky opportunities.



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