Do you need a “Leap Forward” Idea for Success?

Books by Tom Marcoux: Soar! and The Power of Confidence ... combined become the speech topic: "Soar with Confidence"

Books by Tom Marcoux: Soar! and The Power of Confidence … combined become the speech topic: “Soar with Confidence”

“I need to get unstuck. I know that I could be living on a higher level of success and happiness,” my client Amanda said.

“I hear you,” I replied. At a certain point in our conversation, I asked, “Would you like to hear a little surprising idea that I learned from one of my mentors?”

“Sure,” Amanda said.

“Take a couple of ideas that you like individually. Then try some combinations,” I said. We went through a number of combinations. Amanda found some new ideas by trying this process.

Some time ago, I helped another client, Deborah, as I asked her this series of questions:

  1. Who do you want to help?
  2. What’s fun for you?
  3. Where do you want to go—that would be fun?
  4. How can you help some people heal and heal a part of yourself?

Based on her responses, I said, “It sounds like you want to guide women at a conference in Hawaii!”

“Yes! That would be … amazing!”

I call this process a “Combo-Miracle.” You combine ideas. Sometimes, you juggle the order.

Recently, I wanted to rename a keynote speech that I give at conferences and more.

One of my mentors, Jack Zufelt, known as the “Mentor to Millions”, suggested that I look at my books and combine some elements of the titles. In that spirit, I combined two titles of books I’ve written Soar! Nothing Can Stop You This Year and The Power of Confidence. [If you’re curious, you can read portions of those books on]

What is the new speech title I now have? “Soar with Confidence.”

This process works for other decisions. For example, in a particular family, some wanted a vacation of hiking in the mountains, and other family members wanted to swim in the ocean. The Combo-Miracle solution was Hawaii—swimming and hiking available!

How can you use this process of a “Combo-Miracle”* in your life?



* P.S. This works because of the phenomenon that this is an AND-Universe. I even wrote about this with my book The Hidden Power of the AND-Universe.

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