Want More Personal Energy and Happiness? Use the Overcoming “Expectation Hangover” Approach

Tom Marcoux holds Christine Hassler 's book "Expectation Hangover"

Tom Marcoux holds Christine Hassler ‘s book “Expectation Hangover”

What if you could transform setbacks into tremendous opportunities? I’ve just learned much from the book: Expectation Hangover: Free Yourself from Your Past, Change Your Present and Get What You Really Want by Christine Hassler.

Hassler emphasizes “Expectation Hangovers hold keys for transformation (page 27).” She defines an Expectation Hangover as “the myriad of undesirable feelings, thoughts, and responses present when one or combination of the following things occurs:

  • things don’t turnout the way you thought, planned, or wanted them to
  • things do turn out according to your plans and desires, but you don’t feel the fulfillment you expected
  • you are unable to meet your personal and/or professional expectations
  • an undesired, unexpected event occurs that is in conflict with what you wanted or planned.”

The symptoms of an Expectation Hangover include lack of motivation, depression, confusion, irritability and more.

Hassler advises that we connect with our own compassion (p. 54). She emphasizes that we need to release feelings instead of recycling (and reliving) disempowering emotions. One of many practical methods she shares is “Release Writing” (p. 57).

Further, Hassler guides us to release guilt and regret (p. 86).

She takes us deeper and reveals: “The Universe often delivers a do-over to give us a chance to practice and fully embody healthier responses to Expectation Hangovers (p. 136).” Further, she writes: “Do-overs give us the opportunity to say no to something we may have said yes to in the past.”

A special advantage of Hassler’s book: She delivers wisdom through poignant stories and some humor. I’ll always remember her advice: “Don’t Go to a Chinese Restaurant for Nachos.” (p. 192) In just one sentence, she reminds us to think through and develop a better perspective about real things in our life. Hassler tells the story of how someone she knows, Beth, finally gave up the fantasy that her absent father would change and suddenly become present for his grandchildren.

As an Executive Coach and Spoken Word Strategist, I help executives, business owners and other professionals increase their success and even happiness. I’m a coach who works as a CEO leading teams in the United Kingdom, India and the United States of America. In working with clients, I know that instead of more time management skills they need personal energy management skills. Using the skills and methods Hassler advocates CREATES more energy for you.

Thus, it is a joy to recommend Christine Hassler’s book Expectation Hangover to you.



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