Want More Success and Happiness? Use the “Stop Being Lonely” Approach

Tom Marcoux holds Kira Asatryan 's book "Stop Being Lonely"

Tom Marcoux holds Kira Asatryan ‘s book “Stop Being Lonely”

You want to be happy and more successful—yes? Valuable methods are found in a book I just had the chance to learn from: Stop Being Lonely: Three Simple Steps to Develop Close Friendships and Deep Relationships by Kira Asatryan.

Asatryan emphasizes “Closeness is the foundation of all happy and long-lasting relationships, whether romantic, platonic, familial, or business.”

She says, “It’s not a lack of people in our lives, it is a lack of feeling that speaks to the heart of a new loneliness [many experience].”

The new book Stop Being Lonely addresses how we can become better at building relationships—at work and at home.

On page 131, Asatryan writes: “I am good at … reading the room. Reading the room means being able to sense what’s going on within a particular group of people. It’s metacognition, an awareness of the undertone that always emerges when people get together. It’s being able to tap into an emotional field. It’s a feeling.” In her book, she provides practical methods so one can become aware of other people’s feelings and then take action that reveals that you care.

Asatryan works, in part, as a team coach who trains Silicon Valley startups to work cohesively. There is bottom-line value in learning how to do two things that she emphasizes: “knowing and caring.” On page 141, she notes, “There are ways to respond to another person’s feelings that work to move you two toward closeness.” She suggests imagining how you would feel if you had been in the other person’s shoes. She points out “face-to-face conversation is always the best choice; the emotional information available to you in real time is invaluable.”

On page 201, Asatryan writes: “[A] way in which two people create a culture of closeness is by making memories together.” I can relate to that. I brought my filmmaking team (Northern California) with me to a particular studio (Los Angeles) to do some finishing touches on a feature film I directed (that later went to the Cannes Film market). All of us remember those times including stopping by Universal Studios theme park.

On page 244, Asatryan shares these insights: “Our new kind of loneliness is caused by our society’s collective ignorance about what to do to have the kinds of relationships we want. It’s caused by a status quo for interacting with one another that many people find unfulfilling. It’s caused by modern inventions that blur the line between what’s being alone and what’s being together. It’s caused by environmental factors…”

As an Executive Coach and Spoken Word Strategist, I help executives, business owners and other professionals increase their success and even happiness. I’m a coach who works as a CEO leading teams in the United Kingdom, India and the United States of America. In working with clients, I know that instead of more time management skills they need personal energy management skills. Developing your relationship-building skills CREATES more energy for you.

Thus, it is a joy to recommend Kira Asatryan’s book Stop Being Lonely to you.
Special Free Event: Kira Asatryan speaks at East West Bookstore in Mountain View, California Feb. 19, 2016 at 7:30 pm — call for free tickets: 650-988-9800



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