Want to Raise Your Leadership Skills to World Class Level? Use the “Doing the Right Things Right” Approach

Tom Marcoux holds Laura Stack 's book "Doing the Right Things Right"

Tom Marcoux holds Laura Stack ‘s book “Doing the Right Things Right”

Let’s face it. If you’re the leader, you need to be at your best. Now is the time to get an expert into your corner. That expert is Laura Stack, who lives up to her title as “The Productivity Pro.” I give you this context to express the power of her new, sensational book, Doing the Right Things Right: How the Effective Executive Spends Time.

In this book, Stack introduces “The 3 T Leadership Model.” On pages 4-5, she writes:

“Strategic THINKING: Acting as the organizational strategist who focuses on business goals …
TEAM Focus: Serving as the conscientious leader who focuses on employee productivity…
TACTICAL Work: Being the productive performer who focuses on task completion.”

The above means a lot to me because as a CEO leading teams in the United Kingdom, India and the United States of America, I recognize the power of clarity and implementing excellent methods.

On page 88, Stack emphasizes the importance of “1) Monitor Trends in Your Industry, 2) Reward Efficiency and 3) Take Advantage of Opportunities as They Appear.” She emphasizes “the need for speed” and a focus on “innovating constantly.” Part of the power of reading her guidance is to heighten your senses to see how you can improve your business practices. That’s essential.

On page 99, Stack coaches us to “Work ON your business, not IN it.” She emphasizes that “you’re an executive, so your actions should make your teams’ work easier, improve the workflow, build profitable bridges with other teams and organizations, intercept red tape, and accomplish other substantial tasks.” This advice reminds us to cut away the non-essential and to sharpen our delegation skills.

On page 178, Stack reminds us to answer these vital questions for ourselves: “How measurable are your goals? … Are you proactive or reactive?” These are good kicks in the rear to remind us to keep our eyes open about our own patterns of behavior.

The power of this book is in how Laura Stack tells the truth. She does not hold back. On page 194, she coaches us to get on top of our own self-care (our own health and more).

For all of us leaders, it’s vital that we make the most important into The Most Important.

As an Executive Coach and Spoken Word Strategist, my job is to help executives reach and at times exceed their potential for higher levels of success and even happiness. This gives me a real appreciation for what Laura Stack’s book accomplishes.

Laura Stack’s book Doing the Right Things Right: How the Effective Executive Spends Time is evidently designed to coach you to your best life as a leader. Make reading this book a priority. You’ll profit much from such a good decision and action.



Tom Marcoux
CEO (leading teams in United Kingdom, India and USA)

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