Unleash Your Real Power through “Emotion-Motion Life Hacks”

Unleash your real power through Tom Marcoux 's Emotion-Motion Life Hacks.

Unleash your real power through Tom Marcoux ‘s Emotion-Motion Life Hacks.

Feel exhausted? Or is procrastination killing your dream?

Similarly, my client, Helen, said, “I’m just too exhausted at the end of the day to do any writing.”

“I hear you,” I replied. “Would you like to explore some options?”

She said yes, and we began a process that I call “Emotion-Motion Life Hacks.”

Authors/researchers have described a “life hack” as any shortcut or tactic that improves one’s productivity or efficiency.

I do not talk from theory. As the author of 28 books, I’ve learned to get a lot done for my dreams—even when my schedule is filled with travel, speaking, and logistics.

The process is about “moving your emotion.”

The idea is the you ARE flowing at your best—through the day.

A – arrange some hope!
R – reorganize by energy
E – energize by principles

  1. Arrange some hope!

Get something done for you and your dream on a daily basis. Even devoting just 15 minutes a day to painting a picture or writing a book can fill you with some hope! This will move your feelings and you’ll discover that you feel more personal energy.

And keep a Progress Log. I log the number of words I write each day. Researchers note that seeing progress (and checking something off one’s list) often results in rise in dopamine in your body. You literally feel better!

Now it’s your turn.

How can you devote just 10 minutes today to something that inspires hope in you?

  1. Reorganize by energy

My client Helen does not feel energized when she walks in the door after a hectic time at her “job to pay the rent.”

It’s better for her to use her lunch hour well.

She has a bite to eat and writes for 30 minutes during her lunch hour.

The food and time away from work helps her.

She has more energy in the middle of the day than in the evening.

Now she reorganizes her life not by vague ideas. Instead, she monitors her energy levels. Then she reorganizes her schedule related to her energy levels.

Now it’s your turn.

How can you do something that brightens your day when you’re feeling more energetic?

  1. Energize by principles

The essence of “Emotion-Motion Life Hacks” is using principles that help your function at your best.

Here are examples:

  • Keep Score and Achieve More  . . . [Use a Progress Log.]
  • Courage is easier when you’re prepared . . . [Rehearse before a meeting, speech or job interview.]
  • Better than Zero*

*Better Than Zero . . . This principle is based on the idea that doing a little bit of some action is better than doing nothing. For example, I have a family member who is in the process of dropping excess weight. I walk with her two times a day. The walks are brief, but her body is getting used to more exercise . . . everyday!

When you use the above principles you have more energy, you get more done, and you feel better about your life. Your emotion moves in a positive flow.

In essence, you move yourself out of a disempowering low mood into an empowering mood. As an Executive Coach – Spoken Word Strategist, I help clients identify what works for them on a consistent basis.

*  *  *

When you want to rise to higher levels of success and happiness, consider Emotion-Motion Life Hacks. Learn to move your emotion to a more empowering state of being.

You’ll get more done, and you’ll feel better doing it.



Tom Marcoux

Speaker-author of 28 books (with free chapters on Amazon.com )
Executive Coach
Spoken Word Strategist
Author of Your Power Path to Freedom, Success and Happiness (Free Chapter when you CLICK HERE )
Author of 10 Seconds to Wealth: Master the Moment Using Your Divine Gifts (Free Chapter when you CLICK HERE)
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  1. Emi says:

    Great tips here! Thanks for sharing this article Tom.


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