Remove Blocks so Prosperity Fills Your Life

Make a bridge to New Prosperity for Your Life.

Make a bridge to New Prosperity for Your Life.

“What can remove the blocks so prosperity increases in my life?” my client, Allen, asked.
“Fear is the big block for many people. I’ll help you quiet down fear and leap forward,” I replied.

To open up the floodgates for prosperity, I help my clients take action in 4 critical areas, and I use the label “R.I.S.E.” to make the process memorable. Making a great plan that includes the R.I.S.E. elements can quiet down your fear and help you take effective action. Additionally, the R.I.S.E. elements lift you to higher levels of abundance and happiness.

R – risk well
I – intuit
S – start Creating
E – energize a team and tracking

As an Executive Coach – Spoken Word Strategist, I work with my clients in-depth to develop their customized plan and implement it.

Here I’ll give a brief overview.

1. Risk well

Many of us miss out on bringing in real prosperity to our life because of fear—fear that taking a risk will destroy what we have. The answer is to develop the skills to “Risk Well” (my phrase).

Use these questions to build your plan for identifying appropriate risks:

  • Will I grow?
  • Will I learn?
  • Will I make new alliances?
  • Can I avoid “losing the store”?
  • Can I make money all the while?
  • Does my heartfelt intuition call me to go forth in this direction?

Now it’s your turn.

How can you be careful with budgets and resources so you don’t hurt yourself when you take an appropriate risk?

2. Intuit

The top successful people I’ve interviewed demonstrate that they often use intuition. Intuition is like a muscle: If you don’t use it, you lose it.

You need to both make space for your intuition, and you need to take action upon your intuition. Intuition is like a friend who says, “You don’t listen to me anyway; I’ll just shut up.”

Instead, honor your intuition.

First, identify which internal voice you’re listening to:

Voice of Fear: contract, hide, don’t take appropriate risks.

Voice of Intuition: expand, experiment, grow, take appropriate risks

Second, find a way to take some steps forward. Monitor your results. Check in with your intuition again and again along the way.

The thing about intuition is: Intuition gives you Steps 1, 2, 3. You cannot see Steps 18, 19, 20 yet. Still, at Step #3, you can see the next steps of 4, 5, 6. Your perspective has shifted. It’s like you’ve reached the peak of a small mountain, and you can now see other mountain peaks. Intuition will give you the next steps to take.

Keep stepping forward.

Now it’s your turn.

How can you make time to get quiet and get access to your intuition? How will you take action?

3. Start Creating

To bring more income in, you need to create something. You could create a product, a new speech or something else.

Or you could “Create a Great New Impression of You.”

You can show how you have enhanced skills, more experience – and you have created new results. When you create such an impression (also known as your Enhanced Personal Brand), you can gain a promotion or a raise. [Your personal brand is the answer to: “What are you best known for?”]

Now it’s your turn.

What can you create (product, Enhanced Personal Brand) to bring in more income?

4. Energize a Team and Tracking

My phrase is “Use Alliances for Advances.”

Collaboration and kindness can create powerful leaps forward.

On many occasions I’ve helped someone, and soon they will give me vital information or referrals.

Here are what I call “The 3 Magic Words of Networking”: Help Them First.

Find ways to help others.

Send them a link to a useful article.

Connect people. I often connect someone who needs a service (for example, editing) with someone I trust.

Both people benefit.

Now it’s your turn.

How can you help others?
How can you build relationships of trust?
How might you pull people together into a team and get something big done?

Energize Tracking

One of my phrases is: “Keep Score and Achieve More.”

“Tom, how did you write and publish 28 books?” a number of audience members ask me.

I reply that I keep a number of Progress Logs going. I note how many words I write per day. Seeing my progress builds up my personal energy. I get more done.

An old phrase is: If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. To unleash real prosperity, you do not need only more activity. Instead, you need to track your activities and see what real results are coming in. If something does not work, modify it or replace it.

To know what to do, get the data. Track your results.

Now it’s your turn.

How can you track your actions and what results they’re bringing in?

*  *  *

When you develop your prosperity plan to include the 4 Elements of R.I.S.E., you’ll bring in more financial abundance and joyful moments.


R – risk well
I – intuit
S – start creating
E – energize a team and tracking

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