Rescue Your Personal Energy and Get More Done!

Ignite new warmth and better opportunities in your life!

Ignite new warmth and better opportunities in your life!

“Tom, when did you get surprised and learn something profound?” my friend, Andie, asked.

In reply, I told her about my experience with a friend, “George.” I didn’t use his real name.

Something that I learned is:

When you accept something, it does not mean that you agree; it means that you’ve stopped resisting and losing energy!

Over a span of years, I did a lot of listening to George. I wanted to be supportive of my friend. He had some extreme views, and listening to them would suck the life out of me.

Ever the good friend, I called George to see how he was doing. I’d ask, “What are you looking forward to?” And he’d take that as an insult. He was not looking forward to anything.

I was asked by my sweetheart, “Why don’t you free yourself of George?” She knew that I was losing time and personal energy.

I said, “I’m a loyal friend.”

Then one day, after other rough times, George said in a phone conversation, “Our conversation was largely useless.”

My intuition kicked in. I replied, “I don’t do useless things. I’m not going to be calling you, George. If you have an emergency, you can call me. I do care about you.”

After a few more words back and forth, that was the end of it. The phone call ended, and George left my life.

And wow! What a blessing.

I had such a savings in my personal energy.

Over the next years, I wrote eight books and accomplished other things, too.

I invite you to remember this idea:

When you accept something, it does not mean that you agree; it means that you’ve stopped resisting and losing energy!

I did not want to agree to the idea that my loyal listening to George had no real effect or value to him.

I learned to accept that I would not have a life-long friendship with George. It was time to let go. It was time for me to stop losing energy to resisting the parting of ways with George.

I invite you to take a look and see what you are resisting.

I’ve talked with clients and audience members who said:

  • I’m resisting the truth that my sister simply does not really care about me and my life.
  • I’m resisting the reality that I cannot put up with my current job. I need to find something that engages my creativity.
  • I’m resisting that I must learn how to be a salesperson or my own company will go bankrupt.
  • I’m resisting that for a time I’ll need to do two jobs: one to earn rent money and the other which is my “creative-life job”
  • I’m resisting that I need to limit my contact with a bitter relative.

When you stop resisting, often you stop trying to change someone else or even get that person to listen to you.

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See this 1.7 min. Video:


This is an AND-universe.

You can be good to yourself AND find people who will celebrate who you really are.

You can be strong and face what you’re resisting AND create more ease in your life.

Many blessings on your journey,


Tom Marcoux

Speaker-author of 28 books (with free chapters on )
Executive Coach
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