Connect with Your Divine Source and Feel Happy At Last!

In meditation, let stressful thoughts flow away.

In meditation, let stressful thoughts flow away.

Just yesterday, during my meditation time, I experienced three valuable things.

If someone asked me, have you ever had a moment of feeling “enlightened,” I can say yes.

Let’s pause for a moment. “Enlightened” can be a loaded word.

I can say that during my meditation time, I felt lighter. I was relieved. Stress was gone! Upon reflection, I also know two things: I had a moment of “nothing to reject” and “an experience of take effortless care.” (The third experience was a “jump in time” — the meditation session seemed over so fast! It lasted minutes but it felt like “time jumped ahead.”)

  1. Nothing to reject

Think of how much time we spend trying to correct another person. (In essence, we judge that something the person is doing is wrong, and we reject it.)

Recently, I said to a colleague: “Every time I interact with you, you correct me.”

He replied, “That’s my job.”

No, it is not his job. And being near this guy can feel exhausting.

In my meditation, I did not push back or reject anything. What a relief!

If you spend most of your time judging everyone and yourself, that leaves little time to simply enjoy the abundance and gifts that you do have.

This is a good reason for having a meditation practice even if it’s just 3 minutes a day. Get even just a moment’s experience of being free and comfortable.

Imagine feeling free of having to judge (and therefore reject) anything.

  1. An experience of “take effortless care”

How much of your day do you spend “efforting”?

Are you always working?
Are you always trying to appear perfect? Always prepared? Always smart? Always with your emotions under control?
Do you get any time in your day when you are free of pushing and taking pains or making big efforts?

This is another good reason for having a meditation practice.

Yesterday, during my meditation practice, I let go of making efforts.

If my nose itched, I scratched it.
At one moment, I felt the intuition to rub my jaw area and ease stress out of it. So I gently massaged my jaw area.

I didn’t force myself to sit still.

No forced effort.

I did not force my mind either. My mind originated a thought: “Only goodness envelops me.”

That sounded good.

*  *  *

I invite you to consider daily quiet time, prayer time or meditation time.

Make a choice to connect with your Divine Source . . . you can call it Divine Love.

By the way, as I write this article, I do not have to search for love. I can simply be in a place of loving harmony.

Divine Source writes through me.

May you feel how blessed you are,



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2 comments on “Connect with Your Divine Source and Feel Happy At Last!
  1. Emi says:

    No forced effort and nothing to reject sounds wonderful… What a great reminder during such hectic times. Meditate/ allow for quiet time!


  2. Emi,
    about “No forced effort and nothing to reject sounds wonderful… What a great reminder during such hectic times. Meditate/ allow for quiet time!”

    I’m so glad that you found this material to be helpful.
    many joyful moments,


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