Overcome Fear and Get What You REALLY Want!

Step forward; set effective goals; take action.

Step forward; set effective goals; take action.

Want to avoid a standard point where people get stuck? It’s in ordinary—and ineffective—goal setting.

“I hate goal setting,” my friend Mitch said.

“Why?” I asked.

“First, I don’t know what to write. Second, what if I fail to achieve the goal? That hurts like hell,” Mitch concluded.

Goal setting can be rife with pitfalls. A goal that is too minor fails to motivate. A goal that is too lofty brings up all kinds of subconscious baggage and can torpedo your efforts.

Here’s the solution: It’s what I call 3 Levels Goal-setting.

In 3 Levels Goal-Setting, you set three levels of goals: Good, Excellent and Amazing!

Some people get stuck. They do not want to set goals that are too lofty because  fear of disappointment is too daunting.

“How can I live with failing to hit my goal?” my client Serena asked (sort of echoing Mitch’s objection).

“When you use 3 Levels Goal-Setting, you’ll be able to work with such concerns,” I replied.

First, you set a “reasonable and good goal.” And then you can expand your thinking.

Here’s an example:

  • Good – Sell 30 ebooks per month
  • Excellent – Sell 300 ebooks per month
  • Amazing! – Sell 3,000 ebooks per month

(The reasonable goal or “Good Goal” takes the pressure off. At least, you’ve set an attainable goal.)

Setting an Amazing! Goal requires that you expand your thinking. And that’s great!

Often, we realize that to achieve an Amazing! Goal, we need to engage the help of other people. For example, an author who wants to sell 3,000 books would do well by connecting with other authors.

The process is: Have a book launch in which other authors make an announcement to their personal esubscribers lists.

One has each author offer a gift (often a downloadable audio program), which then brings more people to the individual author’s website. One gathers 15 authors with esubscribers lists of 10,000 each. That’s 150,000 people reached. With 2% buying one’s book, that’s 3,000 copies purchased.

Now it’s your turn.

Pick a goal and write down your ideas on the 3 Levels:

  1. Your Goal – GOOD outcome
  2. Your Goal – EXCELLENT outcome
  3. Your Goal – AMAZING! outcome

Use the above Method to Maximize Your Progress over and over again.

“Replace worry with action.” – Steve Chandler

I’ve found setting goals and taking action to be an excellent process to relieve stress.

For example, Michael Eisner, former CEO of The Walt Disney Company, talked of an extreme health situation he endured. He said that once the plan was in place for his having quadruple bypass surgery that he was much relieved. All that was left was to have the surgery and go through the recovery process. Step by step.

This makes sense in light of how many of us feel better once a plan is in place.

To achieve extraordinary results, be sure to expand your thinking through the 3 Levels Goal-setting process.

Set 3 Levels of Goals, refine your plans and take daily action.

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