Get Strong, Face Risk and Achieve Your Dream

Find your power; step forward and manifest your dream.

Find your power; step forward and manifest your dream.

“I’m afraid,” my client Sharon said. “I can help you with that. I’ll introduce you to the process of ‘Bring the Safety Net Up With You,” I replied. We’ll use the N.E.T. process:

N – nurture your resources
E – expand your plan
T – target the purpose

Several years ago, one of my clients said, “I’m afraid. The higher I rise; the further I have to fall.”

I replied, “We’ll find ways to bring your safety net up with you.”

  1. Nurture your resources.

“Nothing is impossible for the [person] who doesn’t have to do it himself.” –  A. H. Weiler

Facing risk can be a scary time. It’s vital for you to look at all your current resources and to find even more resources. You do not have to step forward by yourself.

It is helpful to develop relationships with excellent professionals before you need them.

For example, I went looking for an entertainment industry attorney before I needed her to work on projects that I was going to do in subsequent years.

Barbra Streisand, at the beginning of her career, was helped by friends who let her sleep on their couch.

Now it’s your turn.

Answer these questions:

  • Who can help you?
  • Which professionals could assist you (attorney, accountant, financial planner, and others)?

As an Executive Coach, I often take on different roles of coach, business consultant, brand strategist, speech coach, and mentor. I currently lead teams in the United Kingdom, India and the United States of America. I have trained with my own mentors in leadership, top level speech-making and more.

I hire my own coaches and consultants so I’m constantly improving my strategic approach.

It helps for you to keep studying and reading. If reading is not your strong suit, consider listening to audio books. [My audio books are available on iTUNES – Be Heard and Be Trusted — and my other audio book Darkest Secrets of Persuasion and Seduction Masters: How to Protect Yourself and Turn the Power to Good – see the audio books when you CLICK HERE]

  1. Expand your plan

To face risk in an effective manner, look at the whole situation. A number of people refer to this as “look at the whole chessboard.”

Have multiple plans.

Answer these questions and write down your answers in your plans:

  • What if the first phase of your project does not work? How can you recover?
  • How can you minimize the damage?
  • How can you go into action quickly?
  • How can you keep the budget modest, so you do not risk the whole company?

The team that made $100 million with the Thighmaster product, began with a plan to develop and market eight products. The first product did not work, and Thighmaster was product #2.

Many years ago, I was flown into Utah as a finalist to be a trainer for a top time management company. It looked like the articulate, blond woman gained that position.

Sure, I was disappointed. I did not stop. Instead, I “got on another horse.”

I immediately rented a church and held my own time management workshop using my own proprietary methods. The workshop started me on the path to giving 6 speeches at the annual conferences for the National Association of Broadcasters, Washington, D.C. And that led to my teaching graduate students and college students for 15 years.

It’s great to have multiple plans.

It’s like having multiple irons in the fire because you do not know which particular iron will become red hot.

Now it’s your turn.

Write down an Expanded Plan.


  • How you can recover if Phase One of your project does not work out.
  • How you can fall back and do something else while your revise the project.
  • How you can keep finances going as you develop your project.

I’ve interviewed a number of people who have successfully conducted crowdfunding campaigns.

One person I know raised his rent-money by offering to make a simple website for people who donated $100.00. A number of people took up his offer.

Many times, a money problem can be converted into a “find another way to serve people” solution.

  1. Target the purpose

When you truly connect with your purpose for a project or your “life-direction,” you can be flexible and jump at multiple opportunities.

I’ve learned that being out in the world and finding ways to serve others brings on more opportunities.

Many years ago, I served a group of job-seekers by giving a presentation at the San Francisco Employment Development Department. I taught skills to help people develop their effective personal brand.

My purpose was to be helpful to these people who were hurting due to enduring a job loss.

One attendee came up to me and said, “You should speak for XY company.” This led to over $312,000 worth of work.

Now it’s your turn.

What is your purpose?

Do you want to entertain people? Can you do it as a writer, actor, singer—or some combination?

Do you want to lift people’s hearts? Can you do it by giving a speech? – revising a speech for someone else? – co-writing a book?

*  *  *

When you’re facing a risk, see if you can pause and do some strategic planning.

Take a long view. Keep looking to expand your skills and experience.

Stay active and find ways to serve.

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