Don’t Have Enough Time?! – What You Can Do for Your Dream and for Better Relationships

Tom's Book: Power Time Management: More Time, Less Stress and Zero Procrastination available at

Tom’s Book: Power Time Management: More Time, Less Stress and Zero Procrastination available at

Imagine a time when you’re running fast — from appointment to appointment, errand to errand. Work is slamming you hard with overtime. You can barely catch your breath. And you’re not sleeping much. Ugh. Pain.

Here’s a helpful idea: “Better than zero.”

Do you feel that you don’t have time for exercise?

At one point, my sweetheart and I visited another city and stayed at a friend’s home. I got my exercise in by suggesting that we all take a walk.

Now there are some people who scoff at a walk instead of running or hitting the gym. And to that I reply: “Better than zero.”

And there are times when I apply the “Power of 10″ (10 pushups, 10 sit-ups, 10 palm strikes, 10 side kicks and so forth). It just takes a few minutes.

(For more about making the best of your time, see my book, Power Time Management see a Free Chapter when you CLICK HERE)

How about expressing your love to your romantic partner? Pick up a card while you’re getting groceries. No time to get the perfect card? Pick a good card and write your own endearments to augment the message printed in the card. Don’t have the words? How about reminding your loved one of good moments shared on a vacation and write: “Thank you. I treasure those moments with you. I love you.”

I always remember this quote:

“We do not remember days, we remember moments.” – Cesare Pavese

How to Make Progress On Your Dream:

Do not wait for the perfect time! See if you can grab some progress anytime you’re waiting. For example, some hours ago, I was in a recording studio working on music. While the recording engineer worked on improving the sound of each track (we use multiple tracks), I walked in the hallway. I completed 2379 steps of my daily 10,000 steps. While I walked, I had my pen and notepad out to write notes related to my next speech.

Make progress by using “small pockets of time.”

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