Don’t Let Your Fear Shut Down Your Dream! – Move Forward

Tom Marcoux records an audio book - in a recording studio.

Tom Marcoux records an audio book – in a recording studio.

Fear can strangle your dream. Just as bad, fear can paralyze you. Many people get stuck because they cannot do something perfectly. That is, their fear of appearing “imperfect” stops them from taking action. Perfection has its place–like when a surgeon operated on one of my family members years ago. However, most things only need excellence. So . . . set your own criteria for excellence. That is, identify what you must do to make the project excellent. Let go of perfect. Focus on excellence. How? Ask yourself these questions before you take action on a new project:

1. What must be in this project?

2. What can be left out?

3. How long do you have to work on it?

4. What does the end user expect to find in this project?

5. How can you surprise and delight the end user?

These questions and your answers serve as a starting point for a strategic plan. When you develop such a plan, you can set criteria for excellence.

You decide what is most important for your project.

As an Executive Coach, I help my client set up a strategic plan. Even better, we identify how my client can take important steps forward even while feeling fear.

From interviewing a number of successful people, one theme arises: The successful person took effective action even while feeling fear.

Don’t let your fear shut down your dream! That is, do not let your energy be wasted in trying to gain approval from everyone. The fear of loss of approval can paralyze many of us.

Instead of focusing on approval, focus on truly living your life in a joyful and fulfilling way. Your joyful life is built on listening to your heart and intuition.

Your intuition calls you to expand, to experiment, and to take an appropriate risk.

Your fear calls you to contract, to hide, to avoid an appropriate risk.

Heed the call of your heart and your intuition.

I have faced fear many times: acting in feature films, directing my first feature film, speaking to large audiences, singing in a band, recording my first audio book, appearing as a guest expert on television, and other occasions. The idea is to avoid waiting for fear to go away. Instead, seek to quiet fear down a bit.

To quiet down your fear, set your criteria for excellence. Consciously focus on letting go of trying “to be perfect” and “to get everyone to like you” or “to get everyone to like your project.”

“The only things I regret… are the things I didn’t do.” – Joe Karbo

“Go to the effort. Invest the time. Write the letter. Make the apology. Take the trip. Purchase the gift. Do it. The seized opportunity renders joy. The neglected brings regret.” -Max L. Lucado

Take a step forward.

I know this to be true. In directing my first feature film, I filmed the first scene until I filmed the last scene. I edited the first sequence until I edited the last sequence. It was all one step after another.

“You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over.” – Richard Branson

Do something today toward realizing your dream.

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