Don’t Let Others Shut Down Your Dream! – Protect Your Dream

Walk strong like a tiger; protect your Dream.

Walk strong like a tiger; protect your Dream.

Protect your Dream. Feed your soul and hold a “shield” to block others’ distractions and comparisons. We’ll use the A.I.M. process:

A – align with your “heart energy”
I – intensify coaching
M – measure through meaning

  1. Align with your “heart energy”

My father gave me a backhanded gift: His denial of approval. When confronted with that withholding of approval these many years, I learned to listen to my own heart and my intuition.

When I say “align with your heart energy,” I’m talking about focusing on what makes your heart sing.

I’ve learned from directing feature films and writing 27 books that you cannot count on results. Find something that you want to put your heartfelt efforts into. You do your best, and the results turn out the way they turn out.

Don’t let other people tell you what’s important. For example, feature film director Norman Jewison suffered a box office bomb called The Art of Love. No one remembers that film today. But we still remember Norman’s films: In the Heat of the Night; Fiddler on the Roof; and Moonstruck (starring Cher and Nicholas Cage).

Norman put his heart into his films. That’s what counts. Sometimes lots of people respond favorably. Sometimes, they don’t.

Keep moving forward.

By the way, view this 7 minute video: “How to Believe in Yourself When Others Don’t”:

  1. Intensify coaching

Beware of letting random opinions shut you down emotionally. My father dumped opinions on me. Still, he had no clue about directing films, singing in a band, writing songs, writing books, and creating graphic novels. Unlike my journey, he had no experience in leading teams in the United Kingdom, India and the United States of America.

What my father knows about is being a letter carrier (now a retired mailman). After 30 years of service in the US Postal Service, he has one comment: “Use FedEx.”

Whenever, I wanted to do something unusual, I got coaching from someone who knows the field I would next explore.

When I first entered the speaking industry, I hired a coach and, with guidance, moved forward fast. (As an Executive Coach – Spoken Word Strategist, that’s what I do today. One client, Brad Carlson said, “Tom Marcoux coached me to get more done in 10 days than other coaches in 2 years.”

I’ve hired more than 8 editors. I’ve learned from each one. Along the way, I’ve written 27 books and countless articles (over 2 million words). Some people like my writing and others don’t. The naysayers do not stop me. I know a particular writer who looked with disdain at my writing. While he was criticizing, I wrote 27 books and he wrote none. He stepped out of my life. What a relief!

My friend, protect your dream. Do NOT let naysayers shut down your dream.

Don’t let uninformed opinions shut down your dream. Get suitable and empowering coaching.

  1. Measure through meaning

By “measure through meaning,” I’m referring to an empowering practice of choosing significant ways to measure the value of what you’re doing.

For example, as an Executive Coach, I coached a particular client in developing a blog that started from zero to blog-visitors from 141 countries.

I noticed that my client would get stuck in worrying about “how many people are following today” and “ooh! I lost a follower of my blog!”

To focus on meaning, I then asked her:

  • Are you writing from your heart?
  • Are you glad that people are responding to your postings?
  • Do you feel that your blog is worth it if 20 people are helped? 10? One person?

My point is: You pick what is meaningful.

Be aware of how easy it is to become addicted to “the numbers.” Some people “live” for just seeing whether the number of blog visitors has risen today.

Other people are living well while they are writing the current blog post.

Choose to focus on what really means a lot to you.

Find something healthy and uplifting and meaningful to focus on.

*  *  *

Realize that there is a big difference between supportive coaching, and some people who act like crabs. The phrase “crab mentality” refers to a behavior of crabs in a boiling pot. One crab tries to escape and the other crabs pull down that smart, trying to get away crab. It’s like the other crabs have a plan, “We’ll make you die, too. We will NOT work together so that we can all escape.”

Realize that your Dream is your escape from the boiling pot of a frustrated, empty life.

Identify the crabs in your life, and guard your personal energy. Eliminate time around crabs. If a crab is a family member – perhaps, you can greatly reduce your exposure to this person.

Do not let others shut down your dream.

Instead, nurture yourself.

The world will be better with your positive creativity in it.

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