When is it YOUR time? — How to Expand Your Happiness and Success

Isn't it time to free yourself from limitations?

Isn’t it time to free yourself from limitations?

“I don’t have time to take a break,” Cora told her sister Karina. So, when is it your time? You might reply: “To do what?” To enjoy life – shine – leap forward – succeed – relax – feel inner peace. We’ll use the T.I.M.E. process:

T – tap in
I – intuit
M – measure
E – enjoy

1. Tap in

Imagine that life is a crystal clear waterfall of refreshing water. And you feel parched. All you need to do is “tap in” and have your fill of the water. But why don’t we do it? Why do we hesitate to do anything? Fear.

A number of successful people I’ve talked with told me about a time when they felt fear but moved forward, anyway. They pressed through the fear.

You have a choice. You could allow fear to sound like “Stop!” or you could let fear sound like “Okay. This is important to you. Stay Aware. Get coaching. Make this work. It’s worth it.”

You have a hidden natural brilliance. How will you know what it is until you stretch and try something new? And often, as a companion, fear shows up. Okay.

Everything that means so much to me has required that I take an appropriate risk.

Ask yourself: What appropriate risk stands before me now?

What hidden elements of my natural brilliance might arise if I step out of my comfort zone?

Tap into your true self — the source of your natural brilliance.

2. Intuit

Let’s not deceive ourselves. You know what you need, but you may have shutdown emotionally.

Let me demonstrate this:

* Jeannie knows (in her heart) that she wants to be a writer; but fear of ridicule has her make excuses (like “I don’t have the time.”)

* Sam knows (in his heart) that he wants to be an actor; but fear of failure has him avoiding auditions.

How do you deal with fear? First, admit it exists, and then get help and get coaching. For example, I have two editors for every book I write.

As an Executive Coach, I often help my client by saying something like: “Did you hear what you said? You said that what you really want is ____. How can you take a step in that direction?”

The important detail is: listen to your intuition.

Intuition says: “Expand. Try an experiment.”
Fear says: “Contract. Hide.”

When is it your time?

Now is your time! Listen to your intuition and take that empowering action.

[I wrote a whole book on doing well with time:  Power Time Management: More Time, Less Stress, and Zero Procrastination (Your Breakthrough for More Success, Happiness and Time Off) –– see a Free Chapter when you CLICK HERE )

3. Measure

How do you know you made any progress today? You measure it. How?

Here are examples:

* Many authors do five things a day to promote their book.
* Many authors use the word-count option in their word processing program.
* A number of people I know count how many sit-ups, pushups, etc. they do each day.

Okay, I admit. Sometimes, I do my daily push-ups, sit-ups and more, only because I will be glad to record my healthy actions in my Daily Journal of Victories and Blessings. Yes, it’s another victory over inertia.

This is your time. Take steps each day. Log them. Reward yourself.

In the final analysis, you must be your best coach.

4. Enjoy

I know some people who do not think that enjoyment is a valuable part of living. Well, that’s sad for them. They are truly missing out. They probably don’t realize that a person who enjoys life is fun to be around.

The truth is: people who are comfortable with themselves are easy to be around.

A charismatic person often makes the listener feel like she’s the most important person in the building. I know some people who metaphorically “wear a martyr’s badge” –and guess what? — they get irritable and lash out at others.

But this is not for you.

Be sure to do something each day that brings a smile and laughter to your life. Think of it as a sacred duty — no, better than that: it’s a sacred opportunity. How? If you’re good to yourself, it’s more likely that you’ll have the energy to be good to others.

As an Executive Coach, I help my client develop a plan of action that includes not just more work, but more fun and more joy, and even better relationships. I help the client strengthen herself or himself.

Remember the answer to when is it your time?

Now is your time. This is the only time you have. Do something today that is in the direction of your highest good. And you’ll discover that in expressing your hidden natural brilliance, you’re giving exactly what this world needs.



Tom Marcoux,
author of 27 books (with free chapters on Amazon.com )
Executive Coach
Spoken Word Strategist
Author of Create Your Best Life: Unleash Your Charisma and Confidence to Change the World (free chapter when you CLICK HERE )
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