Make Your Life Take Flight! – Stop Waiting!

You can make your dream come true ... An example:

You can make your dream come true … An example: “Crystal Pegasus” graphic novel

What stands between you and true success and fulfillment? Waiting. For what? Some of us wait for that one dream that will make all the hard work worth it. Stop waiting! Why? You’ll find better projects, methods and reasons for your efforts ALONG the road of your life. You cannot see nor even imagine what possibilities are coming. Why? When you rise to a new peak, you can see new things — like other new peaks (which could be opportunties).

“Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear.” — Ambrose Redmoon

What could be more important than fear? Your personal reason to do something.

Some people say that want financial abundance. Why do they want more cash? As an Executive Coach, I’ve asked clients why they want more money. Here are some of their answers:

  • no worries about paying bills
  • the freedom to choose my own creative projects
  • the chance to enjoy travel, vacations, a new home and more
  • the ability to protect my loved ones from suffering after I’ve passed away.

Whatever your personal reason is at this moment . . . get into action. Try new things. Take an appropriate risk. Listen to your intuition.

Here’s a personal example. Yesterday, a friend asked me, “Tell me about something you’re happy about.” I replied, “I’m happy that my fantasy graphic novel Crystal Pegasus is up on” [You can see the cover as part of this article.]

“Crystal Pegasus” began as a little story told by a day camp counselor to the little kids in his charge. The day camp counselor was the lead character in a screenplay I wrote several years ago that served as my introduction to the film industry.

Then look what happened:

1) When I was directing a feature film, the screenplay (containing Crystal Pegasus) impressed the then-California Motion Picture Commissioner. He helped me gain San Luis Obispo airport and an American Eagle airplane for me to use for free in the production of my feature film.

2) Later, I filmed some portions of the screenplay, including a scene in which I, as the lead character, told the story, “Crystal Pegasus” to summer day camp kids.

3) I later finished an audio novel based on the screenplay.

4) Then I converted that story “Crystal Pegasus” into a form that could be a 15 page short little book for kids.

Finally, with a team of 10 people, that little story grew into Crystal Pegasus, the 82 page graphic novel for children and others. [You can get your copy of Crystal Pegasus when you CLICK HERE. ]

I had no idea that my screenplay would flow through transformations over the years and a portion of it would later yield a graphic novel Crystal Pegasus.

I’ve shared this above example to illustrate that taking action can lead in surprising and positive, new directions.

So I invite you to stop waiting!

As an Executive Coach, I provide the support that my clients need to see the whole picture, create a plan, rehearse for important events and take consistent action.

How can your adventure begin if you take no action?

Try something new and see what develops.



Tom Marcoux,
author of 27 books (with free chapters on )
Executive Coach
Spoken Word Strategist
Author of Create Your Best Life: Unleash Your Charisma and Confidence to Change the World (free chapter when you CLICK HERE )
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