Want to Free Yourself from Stress and Overwhelm? Consider the “Overwhelmed and Over It” Approach

Tom Marcoux holds up Christine Arylo’s book, Overwhelmed and Over It.

Do you want to liberate yourself from stress and overwhelm? The book, Overwhelmed and Over it: Embrace Your Power to Stay Centered and Sustained in a Chaotic World by Christine Arylo provides an extraordinary path to creating a life of more peace and happiness.

This book seizes my attention because the majority of clients, MBA students and others I work with are women who strive to do good in this world and for their families. I see them courageously enduring under great stress. I am glad to say that this book offers a whole new perspective and powerful techniques.

Briefly, I’ll highlight just a few of the words of wisdom and practical guidance in this book. On these pages, the author comes across as a friend—so I’ll refer to her as Christine.

On page 15, Christine discusses the goal of choosing “a way of being that supports you to create a reality that has sustainability and wellness at the core.” She advises you to use harmonizing practices that are “like hitting a PAUSE button on this world when you feel the onset of the overwhelm or self-sacrifice.”

She brings a new definition (page 25): “Success is having the courage and clarity to choose what’s aligned and true for you.”

Christine reveals her “first act of liberation … I chose to connect with my three children and partner each morning instead of connecting to my email and work.” (Page 64)

While describing 8 Kinds of Burnout, she emphasizes that “Compassion Burnout [is] I cannot hold any more loving space for anyone else. I’m tapped.” (Page 72)

With her own compassion and realistic viewpoint, Christine notes that “You can’t control the energy of other people or the state of the world, but you can control your personal energy field.” (page 94)

She notes: “We have become so self-sufficient as women that we often don’t consider the support we need, and even when it does show up, we struggle to fully receive it…. Asking for support does not make you weak; It makes you wise…. When a woman feels supported, she thrives.” (page 165).

On page 215, Christine suggests: “Stay committed to finding the supportive, sustainable, spacious path and rhythm, even if that means disappointing or disrupting others. … [Use] small but mighty acts for liberating your time.”

Christine demonstrates two different choices: “Choice #1: Strive – to approach your career, life, and goals by competing, battling, and trying hard” versus Choice #2: Pace – to establish a rate or style of proceeding at some activity that creates peace, favor, and grace. Harmony!” (page 246)

Throughout this book, Christine brings fresh and sometimes startling and practical techniques to your attention. On page 282, she advises, “Don’t ask for permission. Be stealth and do what’s right for you.”

Christine invites you to “Be a force of change in the world by how you choose to live and lead in all parts of your life. Make courageous choices to step out of conventional wisdom and your comfort zone.” (page 304).

I invite you to consider getting this book, Overwhelmed and Over It. It’s already brightening my day.

Many happy moments to you,


Tom Marcoux
Spoken Word Strategist – Executive Coach
International Speaker-Author of over 50 BooksGetTheBigYES.com

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