Want Extraordinary Success? 3 Ways to Unleash Your Hidden Powers

Author Tom Marcoux went to Mayan ruins to see what his characters would see in his novel.

Standing at Mayan ruins with a video camera on me, I realized I was stuck. I had no words. I had no title for the book that I was supposed to describe at this extraordinary location.

With little time to get this video recorded, I felt baffled and even embarrassed. I paused for a moment and took in several deep breaths. This helped me connect and become flexible. I then realized that I could just refer to “the book.” Later, after more reflection and testing, I could come up with the name of the book. At that point, I’d have the title of the book superimposed on the video image.

Learn to Release Yourself from Limited Thinking and a “Fixed Identity”

When I searched for a solution while on camera at the Mayan ruins, I needed to have real flexibility. I’ve learned that getting stuck and having a focus on looking good or hanging onto an old, fixed identity can stand in the way. You can put up a barrier to your new chapter of life. You may hold yourself back from unprecedented success.

Additionally, when we release ourselves from limiting beliefs, we can radiate enthusiasm that makes us attractive to people and opportunities.

With clients, I use the word “FUN” as part of bringing these ideas to their attention.

F — Free yourself from a fixed identity
U — Uncover “Creative Energy”
N — Name 3 Focal Points

1. Free yourself from a fixed identity

Have you noticed that life is a series of chapters? Some of us get to the end of a chapter, and we experience a bad surprise. For example, when my father stopped running marathons, he lost a huge part of his identity. From that moment forward, he became truly bitter. He was lost without his identity as a marathon runner.

Tom Marcoux speaking on “Your Secret Charisma” in New Zealand. Tom’s “Your Secret Charisma” course is on Udemy.

I’ve been fortunate to have a series of experiences like having different lifetimes. I’ve been a feature film director, lead singer of a band, song composer, educator, professional speaker from New York to New Zealand (including Thailand, Silicon Valley, Calif. and more).

It helped when I let go of a fixed idea that I was only a feature film director. I realized that I’m a communicator in various media. I learned to step forward with courage — into the unknown.

What opportunities are in front of you that are new and different? Do you need to step forward with a bit of courage?

2. Uncover “Creative Energy”

One of my mentors said that people get caught up with “who they are” and become overly protective of that “who.”

Carol Dweck talks about having the fixed mindset and how young people who are told that they are talented start to limit their actions. These fearful young people want to avoid proving themselves “untalented” in some area. So, they avoid taking appropriate risks.

On the other hand, if you think of yourself as “Creative Energy,” then you have no particular fixed identity to protect. You can try something creative like songwriting and think of it as an experiment. Perhaps, you can go from songwriting to screenwriting. Maybe, you’ll find that you’re more adept at screenwriting than you were at songwriting. But you develop your creative skills all along the way. You free yourself of holding onto a fixed idea like “songwriter.” You just look on yourself as Creative Energy.

What possible creative things can you experiment with now?

3. Name 3 Focal Points

Have you been surprised by how much people who have no experience with something still push their opinions on others? These people make pronouncements of what a person should not do.

Some people proclaim: “You should specialize in only one thing.”

Instead, if you only focus on one thing, you might become too afraid to take appropriate risks with that one thing. I’ve learned about the Power of Identifying 3 Focal Points.

When you identify 3 Focal Points, you have more freedom. This goes hand-in-hand with having flexibility and letting go of a fixed identity.

Additionally, having 3 Focal Points helps you avoid being scattered. Still, you’ll have more opportunities. Sometimes, the 3 Focal Points will combine in ways you had no idea might happen.

What 3 Focal Points seem to be attractive to you at this moment and at this chapter in your life?

In summary, you’ll find more freedom when you take action related to this F.U.N. process. You may have more fun, which will make you more attractive. Why? Because people like to be around others who are full of enthusiasm and creativity. They want you to succeed, and they offer you opportunities.

Many great moments to you.

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Tom Marcoux, Spoken Word Strategist and Executive Coach
CEO, International Speaker-Author of 48 Books on Amazon,
including the book Convince Investors to Fund You: The Insider’s Guide to Avoid Deadly Mistakes and Gain Real Success with Your Startup Business


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