Want to Rise Up Stronger and More Successful? Use the “I Am Winning” Approach


Natalie Glebova holds up her book “I Am Winning” and Tom Marcoux holds up the Grand Prize Trophy at the Pitch Competition (where both Natalie and Tom served as Pitch Judges).

Do you want to rise up stronger and create more success and happiness? Natalie Glebova’s book I Am Winning: A Guide to Personal Empowerment provides hundreds of methods and insights to empower you on a daily basis. Natalie is truly an international person: born in Russia, excelling in Canada and now living in Thailand. She has served as an author, empowering speaker, entrepreneur and Miss Universe 2005.

I had the opportunity to serve as a fellow Pitch Judge (of startup pitches) with her at the Corporate Innovation Summit 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand. I discovered what a terrific human being she is and how she has fantastic skills in communicating confidence and having style and grace on the stage.

Natalie co-founded the company Empowered, and she’s helping young people develop the skills of confidence and communication so they can bring their talents to uplifting this world.

On page 33 of her book, she shares how she began as an immigrant to Canada, facing real pain, insecurity, losses and unfair stereotypes about immigrant Russians.

A powerful feature of this book, I Am Winning, is the numerous profiles of winners from various parts of the world, who have faced struggles, persevered and created great accomplishments.

On page 185, Natalie shares significant obstacles she faced when she co-founded the company Empowered. She endured extreme criticism from certain parents who had a mindset that their kids were already set.

Fortunately, Natalie persevered with her co-founder Dr. Paddy, and they have successfully brought their work to high schools and universities.

On page 253, Natalie invites readers to develop their personal Emergency Response Uplifting System. The idea is to have your self-supporting methods in place so that you can rise above the onslaught of stress and feeling disheartened.

My heart was moved when Natalie shared how she bounced back from a dark time. She writes: “I was questioning the labels society—and I—put upon myself. Was I a model, TV personality, brand ambassador, DJ or just a celebrity with no purpose? … I wanted to wake up every day with a sense of purpose and drive which I seemed not to have [at that time].”

Natalie taught herself how to refine her approach to life. She decided to take control of her subconscious mind. She made sure to use a process to define her values, her ideal personality traits, her interests and aspirations. On pages 265 through 272, she guides you through the process so that you can empower yourself for your own positive, personal destiny.

When you want to empower yourself on a daily basis, I recommend getting Natalie’s book, I Am Winning: A Guide to Personal Empowerment.

– Review by Tom Marcoux, the Spoken Word Strategist and Executive Coach

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