Use the “Seven Practices of a Mindful Leader” Approach to Create Sustainable Business Success


Tom Marcoux holds Marc Lesser ‘s new book Seven Practices of a Mindful Leader

Want to raise the level of your leadership practices so that you can create a company culture that enhances collaboration and communication? Looking for business success that blesses all involved?

Marc Lesser’s new book, Seven Practices of a Mindful Leader, combines Marc’s experiences and powerful lessons from Google and a Zen Monastery kitchen. On page 2, Marc asks the question, How do we create and sustain [the business culture] everyone says we need? He writes about creating “a supportive positive culture—a culture of real trust and care, of transparency and integrity, of accountability and achieving results.”

On pages 22-23, he emphasizes The Power of Practice. He further notes that “our practice sought to integrate all our actions with our values and intentions. … I’ve distilled seven mindfulness practices:

  • Love the work
  • Do the work
  • Don’t be an expert
  • Connect to your pain
  • Connect to the pain of others
  • Depend on others
  • Keep making it simpler.”

Much of the power of this book comes from the author’s emphasis on success stories from the trenches plus exercises, experiments, and activities to help readers understand and live the practices daily.

On page 178, Marc has an experiment that focuses on three steps:

“1. Turn toward the difficulty—face it and see it head-on.

  1. Accept—allow yourself to see and feel the pain of this difficult situation; this takes courage, and mindfulness practice helps
  2. Let go of blame—this includes yourself and others.”

The author goes on to emphasize, “Be both relaxed and alert.” He notes that this is what athletes work to achieve: “To be aware, awake, ready to meet each situation fully.” Marc writes about the importance of appropriate relaxation which helps one avoid “overreacting or being tense or not fully present.”

I heartfully recommend this book, Seven Practices of a Mindful Leader for every person who seeks to lead others and themselves to higher and fulfilled living.

– Review by Tom Marcoux, the Spoken Word Strategist and Executive Coach

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