Want to expand your personal wealth AND inner peace? Use “The Jewel of Abundance” Approach


Tom Marcoux holds Ellen Grace O’brien ‘s book The Jewel of Abundance

Imagine you could expand your personal wealth and inner peace. Finally, Ellen Grace O’Brian has provided the path in her book, The Jewel of Abundance: Finding Prosperity through the Ancient Wisdom of Yoga.

On page 13, she notes, “Learning how to prosper is a path of transformation.”

This book helps you integrate your path to financial abundance with your journey of spiritual growth. Ellen writes on page 70, “If you put realization of the Truth at the center of your life, everything else will come to you with grace and ease.”

Ellen mentions that self-discipline and practices like meditation truly help. She writes: “[Self-discipline] means that we do whatever is conducive to peace, balance, overall well-being, and clarity. We make choices based on these criteria [page 138].”

She gives us a new interpretation of obstacles. She emphasizes, “We see situations or conditions as ‘obstacles’ only when we’re attached either to a particular way of moving forward or to a specific outcome. Remove that attachment, replace it with openness and curiosity, and the onus of the obstacle vanishes [page 171].”

Seeing our journey to financial abundance, in light of our spiritual path, brings us new balance and inner peace. Ellen adds, “In truth, our wealth is measured not by what we have accumulated but by what we are able to give [page 246].”

On page 252, Ellen concludes: “Whether we are seeking wealth, success, or relief from our sorrows, the remedy is always the same: waking up to the truth of our being.”

This book, The Jewel of Abundance, is ideal when you’re seeking to go deep and rise up from sorrow to inner peace with abundance.

– Review by Tom Marcoux, the Spoken Word Strategist and Executive Coach

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Tom Marcoux
Spoken Word Strategist
CEO – Executive Coach
Speaker-Author of 47 Books


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