Use the “Step Into Your Moxie” Way to Amplify Your Voice, Visibility and Influence


Tom Marcoux holds Alexia Vernon ‘s book “Step Into Your Moxie”

Want to amplify your voice, visibility and influence in the world? Here’s an essential book, Step into Your Moxie by Alexia Vernon.

This book is written directly to women, and as the Executive Coach of a significant number of women-clients, I celebrate the value that is abundantly found in this book.

On page 60, Alexia emphasizes that we need to pay attention to unnecessary words of “I think” “I feel” “I believe” “I mean” statements. She writes, “When we [use those statements], we send the message what I’m saying is untested. I might be wrong. And whether or not I am, don’t take what I’m saying too seriously. I’m swimming in self-doubt.”

On page 88, Alexia emphasizes the importance of identifying your desired destination. She writes, “With my destination clear, I boldly began to work backward from my dreamy vision and identify the major steps I needed to take to translate it into a reality.”

I deeply appreciate that Alexia’s book is an easy and enjoyable read. She emphasizes important realities that we can prepare ourselves for. On page 173, she writes “Boundaries empower you to wake up each day clear on where you are headed. They shape how you make decisions and what you say to yourself and others, so you can stay in your lane rather than merge into everyone else’s.”

This book is a guide to living at your best. On page 200, Alexia shares, ”When you unapologetically own that you cannot and therefore won’t attempt to power through difficult times alone, you open yourself up to receive support–something that is hard for a lot of women to do (including the one who is typing this out for you)..”

Now is your time. When you want to express yourself well and power your way up to a life of more success and happiness, you want to get this book, Step into Your Moxie.

Book Reviewer: Tom Marcoux, Spoken Word Strategist and Executive Coach
CEO, Speaker-Author of 46 Books
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