The Secret to Help You Decide and Bring in Real Success

Love yourself to abundance — a cat knows.

“I know I should do this,” Mark said. “But I don’t think I can afford it.”

The day before I had an in-depth conversation with Mark about where his business was—but more importantly, about what great things will happen when he fulfills his Own Potential and fulfills the potential of his business. Still, Mark was stuck.

As an Executive Coach, I’ve helped people do amazing things. What is required for that? Breaking out of your limitations involves making a shift to an Empowered Mindset.

Here are three vital Elements of Making the Life-Changing Decision. We’ll use the W.I.N. process:


1. Wonder about “the Signs”

Pay attention. Are you saying, “I know I should do this”? Your own subconscious mind is telling you something important. You may also see things in your environment. Your brain has the Reticular Activating System (RAS). The RAS becomes sensitive to the environment. If you’re thinking about buying a particular brand of car, you start seeing those cars everywhere.

Perhaps, you start seeing memes on social media about people who took the right risk and made their lives full of abundance, creativity and adventure. That’s the Universe saying, “You can have wonderful things in your life, too. Step forward in faith.”

Get clear on this distinction:

The Voice of Fear says: “Contract, hide, do not take an appropriate risk.”

The Voice of Intuition says: “Expand, experiment, take an appropriate risk.”

Make space to hear your intuition.


2. Identify if you’re scared AND excited

Growing to a Higher Level calls on you to stretch. It is natural for you to feel some fear. In fact, in the right situation, it is required. Required? Yes. You are kicking off the mud of your Previous Chapter of Life. You’re going to need to perform on a level that you’ve never experienced before.

If you feel scared, I’m with you. Just before I directed my first feature film, I was scared, deep in my bones. What did I do? I personally drew 801 storyboard images. I made sure that I knew the story up-down-sideways and through and through. Total preparation.

Here’s something else: my co-producer said, “Tom, you play a leading role – as one of the characters.” What?! My stress would already be off the charts. But I knew: Things were in place. I had the team, the script, filming equipment and a tiny budget. Our budget was too low to gain the actor we wanted. I could try to “play it safe” and wait. Or I could do what my gut and heart said: “Direct this film now. Play that character. Do NOT let this chance get away!”

I’m so glad that I took the risk. It literally changed my life! I went into different circles and met the love of my life. I even became an educator, training MBA students at Stanford University. Because I took the right risk.

What has you both scared AND excited? Is this your Big Chance? Find out.

Here’s my phrase: To stand out, find out what you stand for.

My friend, I invite you to Stand Up For Your New and Great Chapter of Your Own Life!


3. Nurture and Expand Your Capabilities

Will taking this risk Increase Your Capabilities? That’s the question to consider. Many of us notice that (often) we don’t regret what we did. We regret what we did NOT do. Some time ago, I had little money. Still, I invested in getting coaching and taking workshops and online courses. Why? It was all about Increasing My Capabilities.

My friend: Increasing Your Capabilities is just like having gold that massively increases in value. That’s right. When you expand your skills and personal experience, you have some “gold” that truly appreciates in value. You cannot go wrong.

Let’s say you have the choice between getting a huge-screen TV or putting the money into some coaching. Make the decision to Increase Your Capabilities. Why? You’ll be able to afford multiple TVs (if the courses you take and the coaching you get are about improving your prowess in business).

Special Note: Will the decision increase your capabilities and upgrade your circle of contacts? Recently, I attended a particular conference and made so many high-value connections—it was a true joy and opportunity.

Let’s remember these Vital Elements to Make the Best Decisions to Unleash Financial Abundance in Your Life:

W – Wonder about “the Signs”
I – Identify if you’re scared AND excited
N – Nurture and expand Your Capabilities

Make better decisions.
Take an appropriate risk.
Become proud yourself.


Tom Marcoux
Spoken Word Strategist

CEO/Speaker/Executive Coach (visitors from 94 countries)

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