Want to Release Yourself from Procrastination, Perfectionism and Disorganization? Use the “Start Right Where You Are” Approach

Tom Marcoux holds Sam Bennett 's new book "Start Right Where You Are"

Tom Marcoux holds Sam Bennett ‘s new book “Start Right Where You Are

How would your success expand if you released yourself from procrastination and disorganization? You’ll find real support in the new book by Sam Bennett. It’s titled Start Right Where You Are: How Little Changes Can Make a Big Difference for Overwhelmed Procrastinators, Frustrated Overachievers, and Recovering Perfectionists.

On page 35, Sam writes: “The important stuff is the work that only you can do.” She notes that many of us have habits which derail our productivity. She suggests: “Don’t check email or social media as a way of easing into your workday.”

What makes a big difference? Sam emphasizes: “Use your intuition to tune in to your new thoughts.” She notes that we need to shift away from “old tapes that are an unhelpful burden (p. 96).” Sam celebrates these ways in which new thoughts show up: “Oh!” … “I wonder if—” … “Maybe I could—.”

Sam brings a powerful process for shifting to better ways of interacting. She suggests that we move away from “What I Don’t Want to Be” to the “Middle Way (page 142).” She notes that swinging too far away from “What I Don’t Want to Be” can cause trouble.

Here are two of her examples:

What I Don’t Want to Be –> The Middle Way –> The Extreme Absence of What I Don’t Want to Be.

  • Bossy –> calmly assertive [Middle Way] –> a pushover
  • Selfish –> available during office hours [Middle Way] –> overgiving, a martyr

Wow! This is a good process. Similarly, I have also noted that people may swing like a pendulum from one extreme to another. Using Sam’s approach with the “Middle Way” gives you more flexibility and space to create more productive ways of relating.

On page 40, Sam encourages us to “drop the glorification of overwhelm. Busy is not a virtue.” She notes: “You don’t get bonus points for being stressed out, exhausted, and depleted.”

This is a powerful point, and it’s something I especially appreciate in my work as CEO, Executive Coach and Spoken Word Strategist. I’ve shared with clients: “That story is not working for you. What is a better story that you can form now?”

Sam has an important message for perfectionists. She replaces the idea of trying to appease people who simply cannot appreciate what one is doing. On page 202, Sam writes: “The right tribe adores you, just as you are right now … It’s a group of people in your life who are dedicated to helping you shine your weirdo specialness into the world. … This tribe will inspire you to be better, bolder, braver, and more genuinely yourself than you’ve ever been before.”

There’s much more to say. Fortunately, Sam said it in her book Start Right Where You Are.

I recommend you read her book. It’s time for me to return to those pages.



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