Want to Feel Free and Enjoy Happiness? Use the “Clearing Emotional Clutter” Approach

Tom Marcoux holds Donald Altman 's book "Clearing Emotional Clutter"

Tom Marcoux holds Donald Altman ‘s book “Clearing Emotional Clutter”

You want to feel free and happy—yes? Valuable methods are found in a book I just had the chance to learn from: Clearing Emotional Clutter: Mindfulness Practices for Letting Go of What’s Blocking Your Fulfillment and Transformation by Donald Altman.

Altman writes on page 5: “The purpose of Clearing Emotional Clutter is to help you heal and move on from pains, insults, traumas, toxic stressors, and emotional clutter from the past and the present—without blaming, shaming, or punishing yourself.” Powerful material!

On page 94, Altman invites us to do three things to use acceptance for nurturing friendships. He recommends:

“1) Notice frailties—your own and those of others—without being too harsh, 2) Be supportive and express happiness for your friend, and 3) Practice forgiveness for those times when your friend may be less than perfect.”

On pages 154-155, Altman warmly invites us into his personal journey. He details the time when he was experiencing the process of divorce from his wife. Feeling distraught, he finally stepped out into nature and (as he writes) …

“I lifted my gaze upwards to the gently swaying treetops and expansive starry sky. What I did next may surprise you. It did me. I let my worries go….

… There was just this expansiveness, this space, this sense of connectedness …. Somehow, “Donald” got absorbed into the big picture, into the great cathedral of trees and the black mystery of space and stars. It didn’t come to me in words, though I have since put words to it. It’s all the blessing. It’s all the blessing. The good, the bad, the divorce, the fears, the monetary settlement, all of it, however it turned out. Yes, all of it was the blessing.”

The above excerpt is just a “taste” of that which Altman writes. I include it here to give you a flavor of the truth and kindness that is in this book.

My clients and I tend to devote much time to doing a lot. Altman’s book is an oasis that comforts you and guides you to deeper connection, compassion and a new, blessed level of living.

In Chapter 15 (page 163), Altman invites us to learn and use “Daily Flexibility, Softening and Letting Be.” This is real support.

As an Executive Coach and Spoken Word Strategist, I help executives, business owners and other professionals increase their success and even happiness. I’m a coach who works as a CEO leading teams in the United Kingdom, India and the United States of America. In working with clients, I know that instead of more time management skills they need to build their internal strength and even peace. Developing your internal skills of peace and compassion CREATES more energy for you.

Thus, it is a joy to recommend Donald Altman’s book Clearing Emotional Clutter to you.



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