Want to Bring Yourself to a Higher Level of Living? Use the “A Year Without Fear” Approach

Tom Marcoux holds Tama Kieves's book, "A Year Without Fear"

Tom Marcoux holds Tama Kieves’s book, “A Year Without Fear”

Recently, I learned from author Tama Kieves as I studied her book A Year Without Fear.

Tama tells the truth in a poetic, powerful way that we can hear and use. On page xi, she writes:

“When you really want to go beyond fear, it is not about force, platitudes or manufactured behavior. That kind of impatience just leads to masking pain. True freedom is a conscious, everyday spiritual adventure. It’s a reinvention. It’s a wholly new relationship with yourself.”

So are you ready for a conscious, everyday spiritual adventure? Do you want to step out of the mindset of fear into a focus on possibility, love and feeling safe in the universe? Tama’s book, A Year Without Fear, is a valuable support for such a daily experience.

On page “May 28,” Tama writes: “Remember, it’s a strength to be undoing that which no longer works.” So much of our feeling unsettled is that we’re ready, and perhaps, desperate for a new chapter in life. Tama is reminding us to pay attention to “what no longer works.” She takes us further in suggesting that we be strong and get into the process of “undoing.” Whatever you’ve endured before this moment has been a springboard to what you can do in this new chapter of life.

On page “August 28,” Tama shares: “What if ‘realism’ is just a broken scale, a flawed measure of what you can be in this lifetime? I’ve discovered the concrete power of passion and creativity and it’s paid my bills, rocked my world, and opened me to a sweeter reality that I dreamed possible. ‘Realism’ almost cost me the reality I now live.”

I appreciate that Tama notes “it’s paid my bills.” This reminds us that expanding our thinking and our actions has concrete, valuable benefits. The truth is that when you live on a higher level, your energy is better and you attract more opportunities. I know this to be a fact.

On page “December 9,” Tama writes: “You do not want more control over your life. You want more trust. You want to know that things are moving quietly, effortlessly and favorably in your direction. You do not want to push all the buttons, supervise, calibrate, double-check, and hammer down every detail. You want to be lifted into a life more arresting and harmonious than any you could manufacture.”

The above paragraph embodies much of what Tama successfully achieves with her writing. She shifts our perspective. To where? To the spiritual. As I lead teams in the United Kingdom, India and the United States of America, it’s easy to get focused on all the physical details, all the phone calls and interactions via the Internet.

But what I need is to be reminded of the spiritual level: The level on which the blessed connections are made—and I’m in the right place at the right time, serving the person or people who welcome my contribution.

*  *  *

I truly agree with Tama’s approach. You can connect to a higher level beyond fear and one’s ego.

It is a joy to recommend Tama Kieves’s book, A Year Without Fear, to you.

We often pay close attention to what we’re eating; we care about nutrition.

Consider getting empowering spiritual nutrition, and get this book, A Year Without Fear.

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