Love Yourself to Spiritual Joy

Sleeping enough? Take good care of yourself. You are important!

Sleeping enough? Take good care of yourself. You are important!

Have you ever been cut down by a friend or family member and just wanted to shake off the pain and get on with your life? We’ll explore three truths that will nurture you.

1. Spiritual Joy is in this present moment.

Earlier today, I went to see my father and mother. They live in another city some distance from me. My mother is a kind, generous soul and I wonder how she got burdened by my father who seems to become bitter to a greater degree with each passing year.

My sweetheart proclaimed today that she never wants to be in the presence of my father again.

I can empathize with that.

The rude and mean comments that my father said today remind me that Spiritual Joy is in this present moment. How?

My interaction with my father is in the past.

I have a choice right now as to what I do. Sure a painful thought may arise; my choice is in my next thought. So I now choose to have better moments as I write this article. I find comfort and insight as I write. I also find meaning in sharing helpful ideas with my readers. Before today, I had expected to complete and post a different article. But now this article feels relevant and timely.

We have a choice with each moment: To make the most of this moment or to get lost in pain or regret of the past. Or to be twisted by worries for the future. Either way, we step out of the present moment.

You see my father’s cut-down remarks of today echo how he’d throw me into walls when I was a boy.

The difference is that as a man I now chose to end the conversation. When his remarks were too much, I simply said, “We’re done,” and I stepped away from him. My father left the building.

I chose my next moment. Away from my father, I sat with my sweetheart and my mother and we had some good moments together.

2. Become skilled to return to the present moment.

Many spiritual paths emphasize deep breathing, prayer or quiet time to bring us into the present moment.

As I write these words, I take deep breaths, allowing my belly to expand on inhaling. I exhale and allow my belly to deflate.

Try three such breaths now, and see how you start to feel more calm.

Another method of returning to the present moment is embodied in the phrase: “I don’t run that show.” I use this phrase to remind myself that there is much I do not control. I do not control my father’s bitterness. I do not control that my kind mother is married to someone who routinely says to her and me, “You make me mad.”

An old phrase is: “You teach people how to treat you.” Today, I ended a conversation in which my father berated me. That may or may not help.

I make choices as best as I can. And still, “I don’t run that show.”

Why is it important to return to the present moment? It’s where you can experience joy. Also, if you’re clear of past pain, you can respond to opportunities in the present moment.

When you answer the knock of opportunity, you need your bags already packed. – Tom Marcoux

3. Compassion is the answer.

Some definitions of compassion include “recognizing another’s pain with the desire to relieve it.”

Imagine that you truly love yourself. What would that mean?

Would you allow yourself to be imperfect?

I’ll put this another way. What would you say to your best friend if he or she was going through a difficulty?

Wouldn’t you be kind? Wouldn’t you suggest that your friend take care of himself or herself?

Sure you would.

I’m inviting you to look upon your own pain with compassion.

Give yourself what you need.

Further, I invite you to explore how you release yourself from painful feelings. Forgiveness actually frees the person who forgives.

I choose at this time to avoid cutting off interaction with my father.

The next time I see him he may address me with berating words–or not.

I’ll see what happens when I get there.

I call this “enter the moment fresh.”

When I see my father the next time, will I respond to his berating words with “We’re done” or will I listen for a time?

I’ll enter the moment fresh.

And I’ll remember that compassion toward myself and to others will be a helpful guideline.

Compassion helps us experience spiritual joy.

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(By the way, the above article is one I wrote some time ago. I am glad that in later interactions with my father that I had the strength to listen to him, to hear him out. He still had an edge to some of his words, but he had some okay comments, too. Some men do not age gracefully. As they lose things in their lives (my father lost his ability to go running), some men fail to flow forward. I advocate that we do not stand for abuse. Still, there are times to show compassion. Showing compassion takes real personal energy. Take good care of yourself. Many blessings on your journey.)



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