Do You Know the ONE THING that Could Transform Your Life to Big Success?

Tom Marcoux lands jet ski in feature film scene.

Tom Marcoux lands jet ski in feature film scene.

Do you know what will most benefit your personal success? Do you want to get more done? Answers arise when you find your own empowering responses to this question: “Are you ready to succeed?”

Here’s a second, related question:“Everyday are you training, rehearsing and studying so you are ready to jump at opportunity?” (This is the ONE THING that could transform your life to Big Success.)

This means so much to me that I read 81 books a year. I also have a number of mentors.

This ability to be ready has meant a lot to my life.

Several years ago, I was co-producing and directing a feature film. We were able to get a small budget together but not a budget that could afford a particular lead actor.

My co-producer turned to me and asked, “Tom, why don’t you play that role in this feature film?”

My first response was: “I’m already directing. That’s a lot of work.” But soon after, I said, “Yes!” I’m glad that I responded with “Yes.” I have good memories of doing action scenes as a leading character in the feature film. [In the photo connected to this article, I’m doing the stunt with the jet ski. Yes — I did stunts and fight scenes.]

Can You Say “Yes” to the Big Challenges?

How could I say, ‘Yes’ to both starring in and directing a feature film? It’s because I had trained as an actor. I had acted in a number of short films and I had acting mentors.

*  *  *

Later, I gave a speech to help people out of work learn how to effectively gain jobs. I taught them how to develop their effective personal brand. The San Francisco Examiner designated me as “The Personal Branding Instructor.”

After my speech, a person came up to me to me and said, “You should be a speaker at [xy] company.”

I replied, “Who do I talk with?”

The man told me.

“Do you have your cell phone? How about you leave a voicemail for her?” I asked.

I knew that the man  was likely at the peak of valuing my speech — so I guided him to leave a message in that moment–at the height of his enthusiasm for me to speak for [xy] company.

That one discussion led to work that totaled more than $361,000.

In three sentences, I guided someone to help me get connected to a valuable opportunity.

How did I do that?

I was ready!

Now, I’ll guide you through the Y.E.S. process

Y – yearn for knowledge and experience
E – energize yourself
S – set up rehearsal

1. Yearn for knowledge and experience

Remember my earlier question: “Everyday are you training, rehearsing and studying so you are ready to jump at opportunity?”

To be ready, you must prepare everyday. You never know when an opportunity will present itself.

We simply do not have the time to make a bunch of mistakes. By studying and reading, you can learn from those who have achieved much. You can avoid the mistakes that they have gone through. You’ll save time. You’ll do better than you would have without the knowledge.

Also, get training. Practice. Some years ago, I practiced negotiating by going to a flea market and negotiating over the price of books. I kept track of what I learned over the years and wrote a book, Darkest Secrets of Negotiation Masters (see a free chapter when you CLICK HERE )

Stay on a continuing quest to improve your skills.

2. Energize yourself

Enough sleep, exercise and good nutrition form a solid foundation for your success. Without energy, you cannot confidently and powerfully say YES! to opportunities when they appear. When you want to improve something, measure it. For example, some of my clients log their sleep hours. I emphasize: Don’t guess. Measure for Success.

3. Set up rehearsal

When my clients complete rehearsal sessions, I can tell and I praise them for their good work. When they have not done five days of 9-minute Rehearsals, I can notice that, too. And so can the audience!

As an Executive Coach, I work with clients so they can rehearse for vital speeches, meetings and important one-to-one conversations. I also train clients in effective sales methods. It’s not just about information. It’s really about rehearsal with a coach and creating new neural pathways in one’s brain — so you succeed on whole new levels for success.

For more about how I help clients perform at higher levels and Build Their Brand, see this 1.8 min. video:

Ideally, you complete a 9-minute Rehearsal session in the morning. Why? Then your subconscious mind can work on the material throughout the day.

Use the Y.E.S. process so that you’re READY for surprise opportunities.

Take your life to a higher level—faster.



Tom Marcoux,
Speaker-author of 27 books (with free chapters on )
Executive Coach
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Author of Be Heard and Be Trusted: How You Can Use Secrets of the Greatest Communicators to Get What You Want (Free Chapter when you CLICK HERE )
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