How You Can “Source By Divine Love”

Pause and notice each divine moment as it arrives.

Pause and notice each divine moment as it arrives.

Want a source to feel better and more hopeful? We’ll use the S.E.E. process.

S – source daily by Divine Love
E – erase the ego
E – engage

1. Source daily by Divine Love
To source is to get something from a particular place. What place? I suggest a place outside of depending on others to hold you up.

Where do you get your energy from? If you only feel good when you accomplish something or when someone approves of you, you may find yourself in an “energy crisis.”

Instead, consider doing something each day to connect with your Divine Source. For over a 13 years, I teach Comparative Religion on the college level (and I wrote the online course). And I’ve observed that a number of spiritual paths suggest that a person pray or meditate to connect with a Divine Source.

My clients report that they

* meditate for 10 minutes in the morning
* go for a walk at a park at lunchtime
* pray
* practice deep breathing

To “source daily by divine love” is to make a bit of time and space to turn your perspective to an expansive level. What is the alternative? Many of us find it easy to settle for the perspective of “clod of ailments” as George Bernard Shaw mentioned in this quote:

This is the true joy in life, the being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one; the being a force of nature instead of a feverish, selfish little clod of ailments and grievances complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy. – George Bernard Shaw

To “source by divine love” is to hold that there IS divine love. If your heart resonates with that idea, you may find great comfort that the goodness of the universe supports you. Also, you would likely feel renewed after a session of meditating, praying and/or walking in a park.

2. Erase the ego
A number of authors would suggest that we cannot “erase the ego–that part of us that feels small and vulnerable.” Some people recognize that the ego is made of fear.

Consider that you can erase the tyranny of the ego in the moment. How? Choose your next thought. The first thought may automatically arise from your ego. But you can pre-condition yourself to think an empowering thought as the next thought.

For example, I know someone who has buckets full of compassion for pets and a teaspoon full of compassion for people. My first train of thought is: “This is wrong. People are important. I’d like to see compassion shown for me and my troubles.”

My second train of thought that I have pre-chosen is: “It is as it is. This person is different. I do not run this show.”

Do you see how my second train of thought can calm me down and release me from the strain of my first thoughts’ judgmental properties?

By pre-planning my second train of thought, I am free to go on and enjoy the rest of my day.

3. Engage
I’m writing a musical in which one character drops people when they become inconvenient to her. By this pattern, she cannot know real love because love involves supporting others even when you’re in discomfort. Love is not where you go to get; it’s where you go to give.

To experience the blessing of love, you need to engage in loving actions.

I have thought a lot about compassion which is part of love.

If you want other people to be happy,
practice compassion.

If you want to be happy,
practice compassion.” – The Dalai Lama

And I realized that a number of people fail to practice compassion because it hurts.

It is taking on another person’s hurt to some extent.

When I hear of some tragedy that a person is suffering, I sometimes reply, “I grieve with you.” Pain often results from loss. So I’m acknowledging the person’s loss.

I pause and pay attention. I allow myself to feel empathy.

I know some people who are too quick to offer some facile solution with thoughtless comments like: “You’re young. You’ll find another husband.” The person offering this comment has failed to engage–they have failed to be truly present for the other person.

I invite you to engage in the moment. Be present with people. Allow yourself to feel empathy. You’ll experience a new level of connection.

In summary, remember to SEE:

* Source daily by divine love
* Erase the ego
* Engage

As an Executive Coach, I work in a truly intuitive way. I’ll ask questions in the moment that will bring up something that may surprise a client. Still, he or she will then reply with something that surprises the person. Our truth just awaits our inquiry.

Here is the truth: Your value is beyond any accomplishment or others’ approval.

Your value is recognized by your Divine Source.

Connect with your Divine Source and feel a level of peace and happiness beyond the petty human conundrums of daily life.



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