Discover How to Take Back Your Power – The “You Can’t Ruin My Day” Approach

Tom holds Allen Klein's book "You Can't Ruin My Day" and Allen holds Tom's Book "Now You See Me."

Tom holds Allen Klein’s book “You Can’t Ruin My Day” and Allen holds Tom’s Book “Now You See Me.”

Tonight, I learned from author Allen Klein as he gave a speech on his book You Can’t Ruin My Day.

Allen opened with a story of how he was driving in San Francisco through a tunnel that begins with a speed limit of 35 miles an hour, but ends with a limit of 25 miles an hour. He missed seeing the sign signaling the change. Soon a police officer gave him a ticket. (Some gift!)

At the gym, he was still able to apply himself to his exercises cheerfully. Others were surprised. And he noted that he wasn’t going to let the speeding ticket ruin his day. And such was the inspiration of his new book You Can’t Ruin My Day (look inside his book when you CLICK HERE).

From Allen’s speech, I will always remember his emphasis of this quote (which is on page 132 of his book):

In the scheme of things, what you do and whether you are angry or not will have the impact of another glass of water being thrown over Niagara Falls. Whether you choose laughter or anger will not matter much – except that the former will fill your present moments with happiness, and the later will waste them in misery.” – Wayne Dyer

Allen went on to tell the value of “stop struggling.” He tried for months to find a new publisher to re-release seven of his books. Then within two months of Allen’s posting “The Perfect Publisher Finds Me” as a note on his computer monitor, he sat in an audience. Two people nearby had a discussion about a publisher opening a new division that would be ideal for his books. It turned out that the publisher’s office was merely five blocks from Allen’s home. The next day he delivered his books, and the publisher immediately published one of his books! Allen’s affirmation is: “The world treats me as royalty everywhere I go.”

In his book, he notes how another author asked, “Why can’t someone ruin your day?” Upon reflection, Allen realized what his real answer is: “Because I won’t let them.” Allen’s book provides 52 Wake-Up Calls to Turn Any Situation Around. I’m so glad that I have a copy of Allen’s book. I love learning from a great teacher — the world’s only Mr. Jollytologist.

*  *  *

I truly agree with Allen’s approach. Every night, I write in my Daily Journal of Victories and Blessings. Sometimes, I write “Good day. Some bumpy moments.” That’s how I process the idea that I had many enjoyable moments and just a few moments were troublesome. A couple of moments do NOT a whole day make.

I invite you to practice shifting your thoughts. One thing does Not need to ruin your day. You can find it inside yourself to call the situation “bumpy moments.”

And then you have taken back your power.

You have chosen to apply a positive meaning to your day.



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  1. Allen Klein says:

    Thanks Tom for the wonderful review. It is always good to see you at my booksignings.


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