Secrets to Finding Fabulous Love after 50

Find Fabulous Love6Are you looking for love after 50, and are you stuck?

Bestselling Author and Transformation-that-Sticks Coach Junie Moon has a truly refreshing outlook on this potentially challenging time in a woman’s life.

I had the chance to interview Junie Moon and ask her some valuable questions so that we can finally know the secret on how to break through the glass ceiling of love after 50.

Tom: What’s the  #1 most important ingredient to experiencing love after 50? So many feel it’s a losing battle and give up…

Junie Moon: If someone wants to break through the glass ceiling of love over 50 and have a healthy kind of love, they must tap into their unconscious beliefs and heal the past. It’s paramount to inviting new love in and not making the same “mistakes.” Unless you access your unconscious mind and transform the programming you’ve picked up along the way, you’re going to stay in a painful holding pattern. Such a pattern includes feeling hopeless. It can get worse: You might recreate the same dysfunctional relationship you swore you’d never have again.

Tom: I hear you. So, you help women release themselves from unconscious patterns?

Junie Moon: Yes. This process helps women heal the past and shift their belief system. Then, they stop the self-sabotage and begin attracting a better partner. They stop dating the “same person” and experience love that is authentic, fulfilling and long-lasting. They also feel empowered and more confident to call in new love.

Tom: So why do you think people get so stuck and have all this self-sabotage?

Junie Moon: They’ve accumulated so much data in all their years of life. By the time people get to the second half, they have seen what doesn’t work in relationships and they’ve also experienced a ton of pain. That has them very cautious because they don’t want to get hurt again.

Tom: I’m getting a clear picture. How do you help women?

Junie Moon: I help women make a shift. They experience real transformational work. Then they truly now believe they are worthy of love. And love appears so much faster. Also, if they’re less scared about getting back out there, there are more opportunities.

Tom: This all sounds good. What makes the real difference? Some people think they’re healing, but they still don’t put themselves back out there.

Junie Moon: With my clients, and those who attend my workshops, I help them to start flying the airplane while they build it!

Tom: Tell me more about this airplane metaphor.

Junie Moon: People like to stay in their comfort zone.  So I tell people to stretch their comfort zone by adding new tools. Get back out there while you heal inside. Fly the plane as you build it. As they become aware of past patterns of self-sabotage and learn how to speak their truth, they’re moving forward. They develop healthy boundaries and feel safer. Now, they begin to see with fresh eyes. This allows deeper connection with new ways of communicating, authentically. This opens them up to Next Level Love.

Tom: So how do people learn how to fly their airplane and not crash while learning?

Junie Moon: Just like anything new: If they haven’t flown an airplane, they need instructions. They need practice and support. That’s where having a co-pilot comes in. So, this is better than just reading a book. When I’m working with a client, I am her co-pilot, and I am her coach. So she can fly her plane and be safe while she learns how to expand her comfort zone and invite love in.  It’s amazing what happens.

Tom: How can people get started with you?

Junie Moon: The easiest way to get started is to join my Facebook group “Find Fabulous Love After 50.”  ( Some women feel it intuitively: Now is the time to take back their life and  get a coach to hold their hand as they embrace this new exciting chapter head on.  Amazing things happen for them. Those women engage me as a coach immediately and they start flying that gorgeous plane!

Tom: Thanks for bringing all this important information to light.

Junie Moon: Thanks for this opportunity to share my work. For more on Junie Moon’s work – visit

Interviewer: Tom Marcoux, Spoken Word Strategist and Executive Coach
Speaker-Author of 45 Books
Here is Tom’s Episode #2 of “Introverts Own Your Voice” that includes “Warm Up Your Relationships – Use Humor – How to Be Funny.” His co-host is Johanna E. Mac Leod.

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