Want to Shift Out of Loneliness and Exhaustion to Joy and Enhanced Personal Energy? Use “#Loneliness” Solutions


Tom Marcoux holds Tony J. Selimi ‘s book #Loneliness: The Virus of the Modern Age

Imagine that you could enhance your daily life and express your full potential. Author Tony J. Selimi takes us on an empowering journey with his book #Loneliness: The Virus of the Modern Age. Selimi writes:

“Learn what it takes to tap into the infinite being you are, the one who has the infinite ability to grow expand, change, manifest, connect, communicate and love. … You will learn how to recover pathways to deep empathy, social harmony, and wholeness through finding your inner switch that turns on your inner light.’” (p. xxvii).

Selimi’s book invites us to seek new and better ways of interacting with each other. He writes, “In this higher state of awareness, we serve each other in nonintrusive, noninvading, and noncontrolling ways. (p. 76)

Recently, Selimi gave a TEDx Talk on “Technological Armageddon: A Threat or an Evolutionary Necessity to our Existence.” This is relevant, considering how Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk have expressed that they feel the rise of artificial intelligence (A.I.) is an imminent threat to humankind’s existence.

(I empathize with this in that I’ve thought about the rise of A.I., too. And I’m currently writing some details about it in a novel I’m completing.)

In his book, Selimi notes: “You can see with clarity the dangers of the singularity and be inspired to take action. As you draw lessons from all life’s adversities, you will awaken to the problems your inner separation can have on your decisions and well-being and on the evolution of your soul.” (p. 127)

In essence, Selimi invites us to not only look at the problems facing our current and future world, but to transform our approach. He writes: “You can ensure that the technological Armageddon is transformed into an evolutionary necessity for humanity. … You can be the light that illuminates the path for lost souls to find their way back to living in gratitude, love, and certainty.” (p. 128)

Selimi invites us to “pause, reflect and take back the reins of your life.” He notes how we do better by letting go of the desire to control others and to devote effort to controlling our inner world.

Selimi includes several stories of how he has helped clients make the shift to gratitude and positive awareness.

As the Spoken Word Strategist and an Executive Coach, I appreciate that Selimi’s approach is to help his clients go deep and create real transformation.

Selimi emphasizes: “Creating human bonds and connections and making healthy choices will help us all not feel lonely. It will reduce the number of people getting ill. … Loneliness causes addictions, unhealthy behaviors and premature death. … Accept that you are a cocreator of [your] experience, acknowledge them for the lessons they are teaching you, and accept that you generate the signals that create your reality.  Realizing this will free your trapped soul, open the doors to the miracles that come from living with gratitude and let the light of your heart guide your path.” (p. 144, 153)

Tony J. Selimi’s book, #Loneliness: The Virus of the Modern Age, gives you the insights, methods and life-enhancing stories to help you create the positive change we need to bring real solutions and blessings to this world.

This is a great book to help us all, as Tony J. Selimi says, to “daily choose to live in greatness, grace, and gratitude”


Tom Marcoux
Spoken Word Strategist – Executive Coach
Speaker-Author, over 40 books


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